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Are you looking for a job that will give a promising career in the future? Are you interested in automotive fields and want to have a job in the said field? Choosing Mercedes Benz learnership career is probably the best career for you. As a part of Daimler AG, a German company, and the manufacturer of global automobile, Mercedes Benz is widely known as the manufacturer of trucks, luxury vehicles, coaches, and buses. Its headquarters is located in Baden-Württemberg, in Stuttgart to be exact. The original name came from the first automobile with gasoline power, 1901 Mercedes from Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft and 1886 Benz Patent-Motorwagen from Karl Benz. The company has the slogan “the best or nothing”.

There are several alliances and subsidiaries of Mercedes Benz, those are: China: this company collaborates with the BYD Auto to sell and make Denza, a car with battery-electric power, in China. It is announced in 2016 that Daimler intends to sell all Mercedes Benz cars with battery-electric power in China. Mercedes AMG: in 1999, this division turned into a majority own department. It was integrated with DaimlerChryster and turned into Mercedes AMG starting from January 1st, 1999. Mercedes Maybach: until 2013, Maybach, an extreme luxury brand from Daimler was a part of Mercedes Benz division. However, due to poor sales, the division stopped the production. Currently, it exist with the name of Mercedes Maybach, producing the Mercedes cars in extra luxury version.

Since the beginning, Mercedes Benz has always maintained its reputation for durability and quality. Around late 1990s until early 2000s, J. D. Power surveys, an objective measure on passenger vehicles, showed a decline of reputation in the said criteria. However, in 2007, the same survey showed a significant improvement of the company, by climbing up to fifth place from 25th and receiving numerous awards for the models launched. In 2008, this company raised its rank up to fourth place and earned Platinum Plant Quality Awards for Mercedes Sindelfingen, an assembly plant in Germany.

Mercedes Benz also creates several innovations that make the company become one of the leading manufacturer of vehicles in the world. Those innovations are: As per June 2013, M133 engine that is installed inside A45 AMG series, is the strongest 4-cylinder turbocharged machine ever produced and also become one among the biggest power density for passenger vehicles. Pioneered Pre-Safe, a system that was designed to detect imminent crashes and prepare safety systems to react optimally. The company become the first to develop, test, and implement wide variety of safety equipment inside passenger cars, such as brake assist, and ESP or Electronic Stability Program. For those of you who want to see this LEARNERSHIPS: List of Jobs Position Type

One of the biggest strength of Mercedes Benz is the international reach, which is suitable for those who seek for international dimensions in the future career. Global assignments are great experience for both personally and professionally. The possibilities and opportunities are endless, with variety of business fields, variety of length of stay, various countries, and many more. The company use internationally standardized guidelines and procedures, thus, the company will always be there to help you.

If you are assigned in new countries, the company will prepare the support not only for you but also your family. The supports provided includes finding a place to live, finding schools for kids, and language and intercultural preparation. After you finish your assignment, the company will assist you resettle to your previous location and role. Those are some of the information about Mercedes Benz to give more knowledge about the possible learnership once you join the company.

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