MERSETA Learnerships Internships Careers South Africa

With the formation of merSETA Learnerships Career, there would be much more job vacancies available for you in South Africa and this is perhaps what you love to see in your journey to getting a job that suits you. Marseta (or more precisely written as merSETA) is only one of the available SETAs that are present in South Africa. As such, it is a given that the merSETA offers you tons of job opportunities in many areas. Said areas include tire manufacturing, metal and engineering, and auto manufacturing, in addition to many other industry sectors.

SETA is a program that was established originally as a means to further support the development of several different skills, all of which are contained in the Skills Development Act of 1998. The program is intended to provide support for five major industry sectors, some of which were mentioned earlier. If you apply for a job at merSETA and you get admitted to it, those would be your concerns to deal with. There are 21 SETAs in South Africa at the moment and Marseta has its focus on fields such as manufacturing and engineering as well as other sectors related to those two particular areas.

As Marseta concerns said sectors, the program will work with at least 40,000 companies, 14,600 of which are the levy-paying company. All of those companies include a total workforce of 600,000. With a potential like this, you should learn everything about the program to be able to get a job that is suitable for you. As one of the 21 South African SETAs, Marseta is expected to be able to meet the standards as stated by the National Skills Development Strategy. Marseta is expected to provide training for employees. The training programs are supported by the funding obtained from the Department of Higher Education and Training, all of which are allocated to offer grant for everyone including the moderators, assessor, and the training program itself.

It is through this way that all of the SETAs, including Marseta, can support and implement the Act and the strategy that the government has established. Marseta is expected to be able to support all involved parties to obtain the skill required of them to work in South Africa and therefore the program comes with its own set of values. These values include paying attention to everyone involved and providing the qualification and skill they require. There are positions at any one of the South African SETAs for you to check out on in regular basis. More Information: List of Marseta Careers and Learnerships

There might not be too many positions available at merSETA Learnerships Internships for you to apply for. However, the program will ensure that you can get a position that makes it possible for you to work and serve people all at the same time. There is also the Merseta Learnerships Job you can further explore. It is through this learnership program that you can find out more about the details regarding job vacancies, which are also available on the internet.

The official website of Marseta is also advantageous in that it allows you to find a page where all of the requirements for job positions available can be observed at length. There is information for you and everyone else on how you can apply for and get a position at Marseta that suits your needs and wants all at once. The requirement page is also easy to find as you would only have to go to the recruitment section on the website.


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