MMI Holding Learnership Opportunity Financial Services 2020-2021

Gain MMI Holding learnership experience, you have access toward both theoretical and practical exposure of the workplace which is very pivotal to build your future career. Nevertheless, some learnership opportunity will offer you full-time employment, whilst some others are not. Even so, if you put into account what you’ll get through the learnership program which you attend, it widens your career opportunity. MMI Holding learnership program is designed for unemployed applicants who have keen interest to join and shape their career within insurance industry as Service Consultant. However, you have to know, this learnership program is only available for applicants who are staying in either Western Cape or Gauteng region.

About Momentum Metropolitan Holding Limited

If you are looking for a job, MMI Holdings is a company that you can choose to become a place to start your career in the world of work. MMI Holding is a company engaged in financial services. The company currently has many users in the South African region. MMI stands for Momentum Metropolitan Holdings. Currently MMI is already listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in South Africa and Namibian Stock Exchange in Namibia. Momentum has been formed since 1966 and until now continues to develop into a company that has high competitiveness. Historically the company was known as the Momentum Assurance Corporation in 1973. Over time, Momentum continued to develop its partnership with many companies so that the MMI Holding group was formed.

Metropolitan which was formed in 1897 in Paarl, Western Cape, is now one with Momentum, so the name of this company is Momentum Metropolitan Holding. MMI Holding Careers are open to you who are competent in the field of financial services. Helping personal or business company to achieve their financial goals and life aspirations are being the purpose of this company. At present the Metropolitan Holding Momentum is opening up vacancies for a number of positions that are needed. The first is the Assistant Consultant. Located in Pretoria, South Africa, this position learnership program has the aim of working to assist administratively in consultation with the aim of providing competent and necessary services to clients.

This position has responsibility to help the client whenever the client need to have the consultation about their financial problems. If you want to have this position, you need to responsible of assistant consultant role purposes. Then, there is a Fund Accountant. This position is open and it is located in Sandston, South Africa. This position has its role purpose to process the financial information and also support the stakeholders with interpretation about the information of financial data in order to give consideration of business decision making. This position has responsibilities of maintaining general ledger and preparing all the financial sector of the client business.

How To APPLY MMI Holding Career

If you have passion in being a back office employee, MMI Holding Learnership Career has the position of Disability Claims Administrator. This position has a role purpose to be responsible in doing effective administration and payment for the company’s disability benefit products. By taking this position, you need to have responsibility about processing the disability claims monthly and lump sum for the retirement and insurance based on the product offerings. This position is important in dealing with customers’ satisfaction about the service serving. There is Financial Planner position for Momentum. This position has responsibility to have financial planning and you will have communication with Legislative and regulatory environment of South Africa. For Disability Claims Administrator and Financial Planner, this position will be located in Cape Town, South Africa. More information about recent career or learnership: APPLY MMI HOLDING

Speaking of careers in MMI, there are many open job vacancy that you can get from the website. All the positions that offered to you are full time job. Of course, for every position, there will be minimum classifications. In working with this company, you need to have self management and teamwork. So, it is necessary to build your personal character into a good person. By working in this company, you will get your salary as each position responsibility and risk. For you who are in South Africa and need a job, you are available to proposed your CV to this company. You can also search the position that enable for your qualification from some job vacancy sites like LinkedIn or the official website of MMI Holding. Make sure you are qualified for the position.


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