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Momentum Learnership Career is a program that is designed in conjunction with INSETA. INSETA is short for Insurance Sector Education and Training Authority, an institution in South Africa that works toward educating people about insurance and how insurance will affect people’s life in the future. The program is aimed at giving young people of South African origin a chance to learn furthermore about insurance, more precisely short-term insurance industry. Momentum itself is a company that works in financial sector with primary focus being a wide range of life insurances and options of health care, all provided for their clients. In South Africa, Momentum’s work revolves around providing better health care solutions with both retail- and group-type products of life insurance are available too. What sets them apart from other kinds of insurance companies is that they provide their clients with options of health plan management and they deliver said service with such excellence that is efficient, innovative and consistent. From this perspective, then, Momentum is highly valued as one insurance company that is of top choice as they not only serve individual clients but also companies. Momentum Learnership Internship, in turn, is seen as an opportunity to further educate youths on how important it is that people are aware of the significant role insurance plays in life.

About Momentum Learnership Internship Company

Those who are lucky to have the opportunity of learning with Momentum Learnership vacancy will see a chance in developing their skills in short-term insurance. Usually held starting from February, the program is normally dedicated to students who have shown talents in the sector of finance, be it advisors, managers, consultants, or planners. Students who think they have a specific people skill and a special set of abilities regarding numbers and mathematics can try to apply for this learnership program and gain a significant boost to their own personal growth and development. Formally, anyone who passes this program should be rewarded with a National Certificate of Short-term Insurance with NQF level 4.

Momentum Admin Assistant

Metropolitan is one of the oldest financial services brands in South Africa. With a 116 year legacy of serving the communities in which it operates, Metropolitan represents true empowerment in serving Africa’s people through affordable financial solutions that create financial growth and security. Metropolitan operates in South Africa, but the brand is also present in 9 African countries including, Namibia, Botswana, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Lesotho, and Swaziland. Metropolitan provides financial wellness solutions that meet the needs of low income clients, including funeral insurance, health, savings, hospital cash-back cover, retirement solutions and life insurance. You can apply in here: APPLY MOMENTUM JOB

CLOSING DATE: 1 February 2022

Said certificate will of course look good in a resume as an individual with said certification will be qualified to further expand the awareness of insurance’s importance. A fixed allowance would be paid on monthly basis to anyone undergoing the program, all through the course of the Momentum Learnership Job. This is surely a relieving thing considering the participants will be comprised of mainly students—a group of demography with no ability to generate income on their own. The program should last for 12 months, after which an individual is expected to have improved and developed the best skills of work and to be able to assist the company to fill a temporary need.

As Momentum is intended for those who show substantial amount of interest in financial sector, students with matching passion should try to apply for a seat in this program. Of course, one should be a South African citizen and able to prove one’s citizenship in order to be able to do so. The program will be a great opportunity for a student to help himself or herself carve out a good path toward a future where their career shines brightly.

If you happen to have a fascinating set of skills that centers on fondness of numbers and keen sense of mathematical prowess and it just so happens that you are of South African origin, you should try to apply for this career. Wouldn’t it be great to see those abilities and skills put into a good use? And with a national-grade certificate, you can start helping others to better understand about insurance more effectively.


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