Murray Roberts Learnership Internship Career Opportunity

Murray and Roberts Company is one of the biggest multinational companies. There are three focused market sectors of Murray and Roberts Company that are oil and gas, metals and minerals, as well as power and waters. Murray and Roberts Company focuses its strategy by improving the quality of construction, operations, maintenance, procurement, and commissioning. The center location of this company is in Johannesburg, South Africa. The office in Johannesburg has been listed on the JSE Limited. In addition, this company also has several factories in other countries such as Ghana, Zambia Mozambique, Australia, Scotland, USA, Canada, and South Africa. There are several fabrication locations of Murray and Robert Company in South Africa. The underground mining, corporate office, power and water center are located in Johannesburg. Meanwhile, in Cape Town, the Murray and Roberts Company has the power and water factories. The main purpose of the Murray and Roberts Company is to improve the ability of the company to get investment in order to support human development. In order to achieve the purpose of the company, there are several values that should be held by the company and staff such as care, accountability, commitment, integrity, and respect. Meanwhile, the vision of Murray and Roberts Company is to optimize the investment of clients by becoming the leader of the multinational engineering company. Considering these facts, it can be seen that there are several jobs that can be applied by the job seeker to reach high Murray Roberts learnership career.

If you like to get a job at Murray and Roberts Company, you may need to prepare the requirements of the company. Some job positions require the capability to understand and know how to follow the international standard requirements. In addition, you need to make sure that your educational background is linear with the job position. It will increase your possibility to be accepted in the Murray Roberts learnership internship. For example, the general engineering supervisor in Bentley Park, Carletonville, Gauteng. The job descriptions of this position are controlling the budget of the daily and monthly project and engineering.

They may also need to build and maintain the infrastructure of the industry, assist the hydraulic and electrical fault, repair the error, cooperate with the stakeholder and show the positive value of the diversity in the company. Meanwhile, the requirements of this job are having the grade 12 or NQF Level 4, having the food skill in English both in written and verbal, and able to operate MS Office nicely. The applicants must have 10 years of experience in the operational industry and drilling engineering. Or else, the applicants must have 5 years’ experience in the machine operation and 5 tears at the management level. If you want to see list of job in here: APPLY MURRAY and ROBERTS

Another position in Murray Roberts learnership job is the project accountant. The responsibilities of this job are to monitor, control, and present the Financial Accounting Systems. The staff may also need to manage the subordinates and make a review about them. They also need to create and present the Cost Ledger report to Project Control. The applicant must possess several qualifications such as holding the Bachelor of Computer or Bachelor of Technology, having 4 years of experience in the accounting field, understanding the construction and mining working place environment, and having good skills in computer accounting.

If you are interested to join the internship programs of Murray and Roberts Company, you can join the Training Academy for the ETD Senior administrator. The training academy will be held on Gauteng. However, you need to possess several qualifications such as holding the Degree of Mining Engineering, having good interpersonal skills, and able to operate MS office. The applicants also must have good English skills written and oral.


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