NAMPAK Learnerships Careers Opportunities 2020-2021

Seeking for a job is not an easy task. There are many big companies that offer great opportunities and experiences once you join their group. Choosing NAMPAK learnerships career is one of the way to get these experiences. Nampak is the primary expanded packaging company in Africa that has been included in Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) for around 48 years. This company runs from eight sites in United Kingdom, which contribute -4% to trading revenue, fifteen sites in other part of Africa, which contribute around fifty five to trading revenue, and twenty eight sites around South Africa, which contribute around forty five percent to trading revenue.

This company capitalize their significant investment in their production facilities and keeps on improving the aptitude of 6678 employees. NAMPAK learnerships internship also has a facility located in Cape Town that are used for research and development. This R&D offers innovative and technical support for product development to their clients and businesses. The company continues to capitalize their resources and time to the improvement of sustainable outputs. They also join in reprocessing initiatives and extensive collection for the sake of sustainable products. This company also facilitates and supports the recovery, recycling, and re-use of packaging to minimize the environmental effects of their company.

There are several services and products descriptions that will help you understand the possible you will have once you join the group. Those services and products are: Nampak Research and Development: this service is located in Cape Town, South Africa. It mostly employs technicians, scientists, technologists, and engineers. The key for the delivery of innovative services and solutions to the company’s clients and operations depends on the analytical equipment facility and personnel’s experience and knowledge in various area, such as coatings technology, material sciences, food and beverage science, chemical analysis, and microbiology.

Nampak Metals: this company provides the packaging can packaging for foods and beverages. DivFood, a division of Nampak, creates cans for canned food in the market and other tinplate cans and diversified aluminum, including cans for aerosols and paint. Bevcan, another division of Nampak, creates tinplate and aluminum beverage cans for ice tea, alcoholic beverage, vegetable juice, carbonated softdrink, energy drink, and fruit juice. Nampak Inspection and Coding Solution: this division works to supply TapTone, Videojet, Marsh, and Altec brands and provides the latest date coding system, with the range of vacuum loss detection, ink jet, package integrity inspection/pressure, thermal transfer, and batch coders/laser data. This division covers the area of Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban.

Nampak Glass: this division creates a variety of range for non-returnable and returnable glass bottle for processed foods, wine, beer, carbonated softdrinks, spirits, and flavored alcoholic beverages markets. This division is located on Roodekop Gauteng, South Africa. Nampak Plastics: this division produces plastic closures tubes, PET and HDPE bottles. It also produce drums and crates for household, fruit juice, petroleum, dairy, chemical, carbonated softdrink, food, water, and alcoholic beverages markets. This operations are located in various places in United Kingdom, South Africa, Ethiopia, Botswana, and Nampak Paper: this operation produces corrugated boxes for agricultural, poultry, tobacco, and general food markets, cartons for tobacco, dairy, and alcoholic beverage markets, and paper sacks for sugar and flour markets. This division is located in Zimbabwe, Kenya, Zambia, Nigeria, and Malawi. For those of you who want to see this LEARNERSHIP: Apply NAMPAK

Those are the divisions of Nampak that you may be interested in. In each division, several professional disciplines are needed, such as manufacturing or production, finance or accounting, supply chain or logistics, engineering, business systems or information technology, and human resources. For further information about NAMPAK learnerships vacancies according to your needs, see website.

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