NECSA Learnership Intership Vacancy Nuclear Energy

Nowadays, the development of nuclear technology is getting higher day by day. There are many research development and company try to develop safe and efficient nuclear technology. Well, the South African Nuclear Energy Corporation SOC Limited or NECSA is the company that works in the research and development of nuclear energy as well as radiation sciences and technology. This company provides one of the best laboratories regarding nuclear development in South Africa. The company works regarding the mandate of government. They need to make sure that all of the activity of the nuclear energy development is safe for the environment and people in South Africa. In addition, they also need to make sure that there is a corporation between Minister of Energy, as the shareholder of the South African Government, and the private institutions that work in the development of nuclear technology. In addition, NECSA is also responsible to ensure the processing or material source, nuclear materials, and the development of nuclear technology. In order to do the mandatory of the South Africa Government, there are several missions that should be done by the NECSA as the company and research development center. They need to create good environmental work for research and development activity. They also need to provide the application of nuclear and associated technology. In addition, the company also should be able to provide the commitment of health, safety, and care for the environment. They also need to concern about the development of human resources, fulfill the nuclear obligation by the government, and provide satisfying results to the stakeholder. According to the wide scope of the mission from NECSA, it can be seen that there are many chances of the people to get the NECSA learnership career by working in there. It has a lot of kind of job that can be done by the people in South Africa.

The South African Nuclear Energy Corporation SOC Limited or NECSA has some researches and development group as the media for doing their missions. Those research and development groups are the Nuclear Fuel Cycle, Radiochemistry, Applications of Radiation, Reactor Engineering, Nuclear Safety, Research Reactor Operation, Nuclear Safeguards, and Nuclear Liabilities Management. Up until 2008, there are more than 2342 apprentices and 2144 trade tested in this research company. Meanwhile, there is about 103 artisans that join the training by NLA in 2017.

Meanwhile, in 2017 – 2018, there is more than 1962 staff that work in this company. Almost 70% of them are dominated by black people. It can be seen that there are many chances for people who want to get a job and develop their NECSA learnership internship for a better life. The types of working in the NECSA Company can be divided into four groups that are Research and Technology Development, Transfer Technology, Analytical and Calibration Laboratory, and Manufacture Engineering. You can see in here if you want to know available job: APPLY NECSA

If you are interested to apply the job of NECSA learnership vacancy, you can see from their website. They post several job vacancies that are available in this company. One of the examples is the Head of HR Departments. This job is under the jurisdiction of the HR Services Department and Strategic Business Support Division. The salary band of this job is Hay Level 19.

There are several job descriptions that include in the area of the Head of HR Department such as managing the HR business partner, maintaining the cooperation of management and other stakeholders, developing the HR Services strategy, and others. There are several requirements that should be prepared by the applicants such as 3 years of tertiary qualification in human science, 5 years experience in HR services, and holding the knowledge of EEA, BCEA, and LRA.

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