NESTLE Learnership Internship Career Full Time Job

Almost all people know about Nestle. Their products have been spread out of the world. In addition, they also provide many brands and any kind of product. Nestle as one of the biggest companies in food and drink products has several aims such as improving the quality of life of people, improving human health, providing the service to the children, and protect the environment. It has over 2000 brands and branches in the 191 countries including South Africa. Nestle has been built about 6 factories, 4 agencies, and a distribution center in South Africa. The factories of Nestle South Africa produce several products such as Dairy, Non-dairy Creamers, Chocolate, Babelegi, Cereals, Coffee, Mossel Bay, Creamers, Harrissmicth, and others. Meanwhile, the distribution centers are located in the Bellville and Longmeadow. On the other hand, the four agencies of Nestle are located in several places such as Swaziland, Botswana, Lesotho, and Nambia. If you live in South Africa, you may have a big chance to apply for a job at Nestle Company since they have several fabrications along with the agencies and distribution center. Applying for a job in Nestle will create the possibility to reach high Nestle learnership career.

There are several fields that can be applied in the Nestle Company since it’s a multi-company. For the people who have a background in the engineering, research, and development of chemical formula, technical and production, they may get a job in one of the Nestle factories. Meanwhile, for the people who have a background in administrative, communication, finance, human resources, IT, legal, Marketing, Sales, Supply Chain and Procurement, they can apply for a job in the agencies or distribution center. Nestle provides many positions for the job. It’s not surprising that you can get the Nestle learnership internship in this company. In order to get a job at the Nestle Company, you need to prepare several requirements and qualifications.

As Nestle is a global company, the requirements may be higher than other companies. However, by preparing the best things, you can get a job in Nestle. For example, the account manager. The career area of the account manager is sales. Meanwhile, the location of this job is in Bryanston, South Africa. The job descriptions of the account manager are developing the strategy of customer-focused and implementing the plan of customer business. The staff also needs to manage the trade funds and debtors from the allocation plan, check and control the data of inventory and shortage. The requirements for applying this job are having the matric certificate, 3-year tertiary qualification, understanding about FMCG, retail channels, business concept, and financial concept. The applicant should have at least 5 year’s experience in the sales field and show leadership and high motivation. You can apply Nestle job in here: APPLY NESTLE

Another position that can be applied from Nestle learnership job is a process technologist in Estcourt, South Africa. The career field of this position is the technical and production field. The type of job is a full-time job. There are several job descriptions of the process technologist such as cooperate with the marketing, technical, and factory team. The staff also need to follow the NPDI process and create the best formulation according to the PTC/R&D center and NF Criteria. They also need to find the best packaging method and determine the instruments required for developing new products. The process technologist also needs to join the HACCP studies and create a safe operation.

There are several requirements of this position such as holding a diploma in food technology or chemical engineering. The applicant must have at least 3 years of experience with FMCG in R%D and food manufacturing. The applicants should be able to understand the SAP workflow, SAP recipe management, NF, FSMF, and NQMF sys. The applicant also should be able to show creativity, networking skills, and coordination skills.


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