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If you are interested in a job where you can do community service, choosing NYDA learnership career can be the best solution. NYDA, or National Youth Development Agency, is an agency based in South Africa that was mainly established to confront challenges that are faced by nation’s youth. It was founded by Act no 54 of 2008, an Act of Parliament. This institution was founded to become a separated, unitary structure that is aimed to solve youth development problems at Local, Provincial, and National government level. The presence of NYDA is supposed to be situated around the wide context of the development dynamics of South Africa. A large portion of South Africa’s population are youth, with 42% of population consist of people within 14 to 35 years old.

This condition is comparable to other developing countries in the world. Due to the youthful character of the population, a lot of socio-economic issues are born by these youths, such as poor health, poverty, joblessness and inequality. To tackle these issues, multi-pronged attempts is needed. These attempts should be able to simultaneously prioritize policies’ development, the growth of sustainable livings, and reduce inequality and poverty that will lead to a supporting environment for the growth of youth.

NYDA play a huge role to make sure every stakeholders, such as civil society, government, and private sectors, contribute to the identification and implementation of lasting solutions and prioritize the development of youth in order to solve the challenges for youth development. NYDA also organizes and implements various programs that are aimed to improve the opportunities and live available for youth. These programs can be grouped as follows:

Macro Level: macro level programs are held at National and Provincial level. These programs consist of research and partnership programs and policy development. NYDA acts as the facilitators for youth’s participation in developing major policy inputs to form the socio-economic circumstances of the country. Meso Level: this level programs are held at community level. NYDA play a role to encourage youth to be the wind of change within their community by involving in dialogues, community improvement activities, national programs for youth service, and social cohesion actions. Micro level: micro level programs are held at individual level. NYDA offers direct facilities to young people in the shape of involvement in sport, information-provision, health awareness programs, career guidance, entrepreneurial support and development, mentorship, and skills training and development.

The following list are NYDA’s main activities to give a picture of what kind work you will do if you choose NYDA vacancies: Evaluate and monitor the interventions for youth development throughout the boards and mobilize young people to actively participate in society engagements, Advocate and lobby for mainstreaming and integration for youth development for all aspect of civil society, government, and private sectors and Organize, initiate, facilitate, and implement programs for youth development

The current focus of NYDA has changed from focusing on Enterprise Finance to Skills Development and Education. The main transformation in this field of growth is the replacement for loan provision into grant provision for your entrepreneurs. The goals of this grant program is to give young entrepreneurs a chance to access non-financial and financial support for business development to establish the survivalist businesses. This program focuses on emerging young entrepreneurs who show future potentials but aren’t yet completely developed. For those of you who want to see LEARNERSHIP: Apply NYDA Learnership

To be able to achieve their goals, NYDA adopted five key performances as its strategy. Those key performance are administration and governance, economic participation, research and policy, skills development and education, and well-being and health. To get further information about NYDA jobs based on your needs, you can see website.

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