ORACLE Learnership Internship Career: 12 Month Program

Oracle Learnership Career might be the one that is perfect for you especially if you are in or have completed your study in computer science. The skills and knowledge you develop and gain during your study could be implemented in a professional environment that is sure to benefit you the most. Computer and digital world is constantly changing nowadays so even Oracle Corporation will require additional workforce to support their business and presence in the industry. And this should be the most exciting opportunity for you to grab because your future is going to be definitely bright with Oracle. Headquartered in Redwood Shores, California, Oracle Corporation is an American multinational computer technology company. The company is focusing on developing database software and technology as well as the marketing of the products. Other products they create are enterprise software and cloud engineering system, both of which operate under Oracle’s own database management system brands. Their service extends to developing and building tools for middle-tier software’s both database development and systems, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, and SCM (Supply Chain Management) software.

The company is also responsible for creating Oracle Applications, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle Database, servers, workstations, and storage.  In 2015, Oracle was noted as being the second largest software maker, second only to Microsoft. Oracle Corporation, as a business entity, is a professional environment that emphasizes on what is termed as Oracle Values. It is a supportive environment for all workforces involved and thrives on creating innovation and success, all driven by a culture that is diverse and inclusive. These Oracle values are reflected on the things that the company offer for you as their employees.


The company determines to create a professional environment where employees are capable of defining their own career path. They seek to inspire anyone involved so it may lead to the sparking of innovation. Oracle also gives you an opportunity to enjoy life and at the same time experience being a professional and that you can enjoy both equally. Oracle provides tools, training, and development that is all professional and seeks to give you the fullest chance to grow and develop your career. And there is a chance that you might enjoy working with them because of their wide range of network of colleagues, all talented and motivated, which would definitely drive you toward excellence in the process.

ORACLE Learnership Graduate/Interns – 12 Month program

Oracle Career learnership is divided into three major groups: Professionals, Students and Recent Graduates, and Veterans. The Professionals group is intended for anyone who seeks to find an open job opportunity in Oracle. This can be done through a special Oracle Taleo Recruiting, a special cloud-based environment where employers and applicants can connect with each other. The Students and Recent Graduates group is reserved for individuals currently studying at school or who have just completed their study—all around the world. The North America section is divided into two categories: technical and nontechnical. You can apply online in here: APPLY ORACLE INTERNSHIP

CLOSING DATE: 31 January 2021

This program offers internship for anyone interested in discovering job opportunities with Oracle Corporation. The Veterans group is meant for American veterans looking for a professional job. Of many subcategories under this group, perhaps the Injured Veterans Internship is noteworthy. The internship seeks to help ex-military transition from their former life into corporate culture. Presented in one-year period, the internship should be able to help individuals develop both personal and professional advancements of those injured while on military duty.

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