Recent Aveng Graduate Internship Program 0

Aveng provides a recent graduate internship for qualified unemployed graduates who expect to extend their knowledge to be more marketable within certain career that they choose. Numbers of Aveng graduate internship programs are available for suitable applicant, they are; (1) Sales and Marketing Intern situated in Germiston for graduates

Chevron Vacation Program 0

Gaining experiences and more knowledge while you are still young is important to explore new things. There are many things you can consider having when it comes to your future planning. One thing you have to underline is about how you can get best experience for your life. As

Sales Representative Internship for South African 2

Do you want to get another internship that will help you in deciding what your next job is? If you want so, you should try another internship to get the knowledge of it. As example, while you are interesting in being the salesman, this sales representative internship program can

Eskom S4 Engineering Traineeship Opportunity 8

Holding S4 qualification in engineering, qualified unemployed graduates have chance to fill the position in S4 engineering traineeship programme Eskom. Three different engineering traineeship opportunities are available, which are; (1) turbo gen service with least requirement is S4 (completed) mechanical engineering, (2) construction services, where you need to hold

Water Treatment Learnership From City Of Cape Town 4

The City of Cape Town offers latest water and treatment learnership program that is destined for suitable applicants that are recently completed their matric qualification. The goal of the learnership opportunity, just like its name, is to assist qualified learners to obtain national qualification within water and wastewater treatment

Gauteng Dept Of Roads And Transport Graduate Internship Program 3

Opportunity for gauteng dept of roads and transport internship is now opened. The chance is given by Gauteng department of roads and transports for qualified applicants who are; (1) age around 18 to 35 years old, (2) South Africa citizen, (3) graduated from either Universities of Technology or Universities,

Graduate Learnership Opportunity At Hedge Fund Academy 0

Graduate learnership programme is a stepping stone for its learners to gain better chance to pursue their dream. The reason is, its learners will obtain not only theoretical knowledge toward certain field, but also something practical, thus they know how it feels dealing with common obstacles in the industry

The UCS TS Graduate Internship Opportunity 1

Aspiring applicants who look for a graduate internship program which concern is not only specified into certain industry, but embrace any industry such as HR, Marketing, Technical Support and Helpdesk Support, UCS TS graduate internship program is what you should consider. The opportunity to apply the graduate internship, you

Hatch Bursary Programme Is Announced 0

Either you are second or fourth year students who are studying electronics engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, or civil and structural engineering, you have chance for Hatch bursary programme. Nevertheless, Hatch is leading engineering consultant firm that has specialty in energy sector, infrastructure, metal, and mining. As they yearn

Aurecon Graduate Recruitment Programme 1

Aurecon Graduate recruitment programme from Aurecon is your solution to improve you skill within mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, structural engineering, and civil engineering categories. To do so, Aurecon provides its potential applicants not only learning packages which are very important fort them, but also supportive environment. But not all

Applying Bursary At Assets 3

Aspiring students that yearn for applying bursary at Assets, your chance is here. However, the chance for the bursary is only for qualified students who are; (1) South Africa citizen that also the resident of Western Cape, (2) hold Grade 12, and aiming for higher education (first year) for

Cummin Graduate Internship Program 2

The chance to apply Cummins graduate internship program may be there for you, so why don’t you take the chance? Three graduate internship categories that are available. First, Marketing, Sales and Communications. Applying to this, you need to hold Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing/Business Administrator/Strategy, and mechanical engineering in case

Opportunity For UNITRANS Fright Forwarding Learnership 3

A Freight Forwarding learnership program, now you can apply at Unitrans. The chance is given to those aspiring applicants who look forward to achieve a NQF Level 3 for National Certificate within Freight Handling. There are essential factors they have to meet to successfully win the learnership opportunity, which

Graduate Internship Programme At Dept Of Agriculture And Rural Development 0

Aim for graduate internship programme from government department, you have your chance for graduate internship opportunity at NW dept of agriculture and rural development. For the reason that they provide few numbers of graduate internship that they schemed, potential applicants gain more chances for the offered positions, which are;

Mechanical Engineering Graduate Internship Opportunities 10

Unemployed graduates who are looking for a work-based experience training related to mechanical engineering, you have your chance now to join Dow mechanical engineering graduate program. Graduate internship program will be situated in Durban (South Africa). Your benefit during the training program, you will be supervised by professional engineer

Dept Of Rural Development And Land Reform Graduate Internship Program 0

Opportunity for unemployed graduate of South Africa to participate in department of rural development and land reform graduate internship that is recently opened. The graduate and internship program is available in some categories. Get your chance for the graduate internship, first, you should be qualified applicants whose age are

The Northen Cape Dept Of Development & Tourism Graduate Internship Programme 3

Two types training programmes that are offered by NC department of development and tourism, which are the training programme that is lasted for 12 months and experiential programme that is set for 18 months. The opportunity to participate graduate internship programme only for suitable applicants that have excellent insight

2017 Intern Teacher Training Programme At Thandulwazi 1

Have a dream of becoming a teacher, 2017 intern teacher training programme, it is one among other similar opportunities to consider. What is offered by internship programme? Successful applicant will gain chance to study (part timer) for BEd (Bachelor of Education) in four years. Another option, they have chance

Eskom Learnerships Opportunities 8

Eskom graduate internship opens opportunity for aspiring unemployed graduates to join Eskom learnerships opportunities. There are various numbers of graduate internship programs that are offered for various locations. Are you ready to embrace the chance? The graduate internship programs to apply are; turbo gen services, supply chain management, finance

Join Driver Learnership Code 14 55

There is a chance for those who want to be part of driver learnership code 14. Within the program, successful applicants will gain both knowledge from both theoretical and practical aspect. However, to be a successful applicants for the learnership program, make sure that you can meet the requirements

Trainee Communication Officer Position from SA Airways 2

SA airways opens opportunity for interested applicants to become trainee communication officer through their recent traineeship programme. Those who expect to take benefits of the training program that is schemed, learn beforehand the competencies to ensure you eligibility to be part of the program, which cover; (1) Matric/Grade 12

Application Is Opened For Masakh’i Sizwe Bursary Program 3

The goal of Masakh’i Sizwe bursary is to assist its qualified applicants to have insight through both training and education aspects, so then they not only can build their own future career but also their nation. Taken its name from Nguni tribe’s it has meaning to build the nation.

Mercedes Benz Bursary Program Is Opened! 3

To aid your financial matter to gain better education opportunity, there is wide range of bursary opportunities to apply, not to mention, one of them is Mercedes Benz bursary opportunity. So to speak the chance, if you are now pursuing or expecting to pursue; IT, Purchasing/Procurement, Logistics, Human Resources,

Summer Vacation Law Graduate Programme From Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr 0

Considering to apply law graduate programme, summer vacation law graduate programme that is designed by Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr (CDH) is one among other law graduate programmes to rely on. Asking about how the graduate opportunity that is offered by CDH can improve your skill, then first, you will have

Accenture Graduate Internship Program 3

Unemployed graduates who are looking for opportunity for graduate career to develop their skill, graduate internship program is worth applying. Not to mention, you can apply for Accenture graduate internship program for thorough understanding in technology innovation. The training program will be started within some weeks in formal induction,

Re-Announced Vacancy MBSA Artisan Apprenticeship 8

Qualified graduates who are interested to join automobile industry, you need MBSA artisan apprenticeship program for the thorough knowledge that you will obtain. The apprenticeship falls in two parts, one, it is Motor Vehicle Systems. During the apprenticeship, you will perform diagnosis, maintenance, and repair. Two, it is Manufacturing

RMB Winter Graduate Internship Opportunity Is Now Opened 2

Opportunity to join RMB winter graduate internship program for 2016 is already announced. So to speak the chance is given to all students from Masters and Honours level that take these follow majors; accounting, business science, risk, engineering, quantitative finance, actuarial science, mathematical finance, finance, BCom, and many others.

SAB Packaging Learneship at Port Elizabeth 13

SAB recently opened SAB packaging learnership opportunity in Port Elizabeth. Nevertheless, the learnership is relevant with NQF level 3, and yes the opportunity will be limited only to those who meet the requirements. The main requirements to apply for the positions are; (1) you have N qualification, national diploma

Latest RDM Graduate Internship Program To Apply 2

You admit it later on, gaining your space in employment opportunity it won’t be easy. There are many reason why, but two common things, first, it is because they meet with many competitors. Second, they have no experience and proper knowledge that is necessary to join the industry. For

Graduate Internship Programme At Molemole Local Municipality 14

Qualified applicants now can apply graduate internship programme from Molemole Local Municipality. In addition people with disabilities and disadvantaged background are allowed to apply as well. The opportunity for the graduate internship, it comes in some categories; road and storms, water and sanitation, local economic development, integrated development plan,

Dept Of Science And Technology For Engineering Scholarship Programme 1

In collaboration with Hitachi Ltd, Dept of Science and Technology caters opportunity to aspiring engineer in South Africa to join their engineering scholarship programme that is located in Japan. The opportunity to join engineering scholarship will be lasted for about two months. During the programme, successful applicants will perform

Graduate Internship Programme From Dept Of Tourism 5

Good news, dept of tourism offers graduate internship programme for qualified unemployed applicants with passion to aim career opportunity that fit with the graduate internship. If you are interested, here are graduate internship opportunities you can apply; journalism and graphic design, management services, community development, human resources management, development

Study Medicine In Cuba From KZN Department Of Health 42

If you are brilliant South Africa students that have huge dream to study medicine in Cuba but dealing with financial difficulty, worry no more, since KZN department of health invites aspiring students to take part of the opportunity to study medicine that is situated in Cuba through their bursary

Blood Blank Trainee/Qualified Technologist At SANBS 1

Expecting to know top to bottom related to routine testing functions that occurs in South Africa National Blood Service (SANBS) put into account blood bank trainee /qualified technologist, since this is your chance to make your dream comes true. Speak of chances that are offered by SANBS, this is

Graduate Internship Programme At Metropolitan Health 0

Unemployed graduates that yearn for metropolitan health graduate internship programme within insurance and medical aid administration field, the opportunity for the aforesaid graduate internship programme is already opened. Metropolitan Health invites qualified graduates that fit to their requirements to join the training program for April 2016. The mission of

SAB Packaging Learnership Program 8

Benefit of joining learnership program is, qualified learners will gain further understanding about how to tackle down the challenge, not only based on theoretical matter, but work-based experience as well. Same thing goes to SAB packaging learnership, since those potential applicants that display huge passion toward packaging industry can

Click Pharmacy Learnership Training Contract In Parkrand 2

Expecting to know further toward the nook and cranny within pharmacy industry, ensure that you apply leanership training contract from Click Pharmacy. Minimum requirements to be considered for the learnership training contract, they are; Matric or Grade 12 alongside with average 50% for maths, or if it is maths

Graduate Internship Opportunities At EC Dept Of Sports, Arts & Culture 6

EC Dept of Sports, Arts & Culture invites qualified graduates to join the graduate internship opportunities that will be started in April. Speak of the opportunities for the graduate internship, it is opened only for;(1) potential graduates between 18 and 35 years old, (2) you look for chance for

Unilever June-July Winter Graduate Internship Program 5

Opportunities for potential graduates to attain deeper insight for certain qualification that they have to join Unilever June-July winter graduate internship program for 2016 that is arranged by Unilever. Fortunately the options come in distinctive categories, thence it can entwine more young and talented generation to acquire the graduate

Hospitality Learnership Programme At Sun International 63

Sun International announces their latest learnersip opportunity with NQF level 4 for potential applicants that meet their requirements. The learnership opportunity that is offered by Sun International, is hospitality learnership programme for qualified applicants that aim to know more about food and beverages addition, the learnership is destined

Artisan Learnership Programme At Harmony Gold 19

The chances to win the position for artisan learnership programme that is designed by Harmony Gold is opened. Suitable applicants who seek for chance to obtain thorough knowledge related to rigger, boilermaker, and fitting, you better not skip the idea to apply the learnership opportunity. That said, the requirements

CSIR Smart System Learnership Vacancies Program 1

Work-based experience and some theoretical aspects make internship program turns into something essential as its successful applicants will be exposed with the things that are very pivotal for skill development. Compared to those who join and not join an internship program, the one that spend some time for internship

IT Programmer At Capitec Bank Learnerships Opportunity 6

Seeking for more experience as IT programmer, making sure you source the information about graduate IT programmer at Capitec Bank, since for those that meet the requirements they are invited to join. So to speak requirements for the graduate program;(1) hold Grade 12 National Senior Certificate or National Certificate

Glencore Bursary Programme 18

Glencore bursary programe is now available for aspiring students that aim their education in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, metallurgical engineering, and chemical engineering. Speak of the bursary, it is limited into some categories that are based on the place where the bursary programme is opened. As for this bursary,

Graduate Trainee IT Opportunity From UPD 3

Another chance for those aspiring unemployed applicant, just in case you have huge passion to know more about IT business and its related areas. The opportunity is brought to you by UPD through graduate trainee it program that they proposed. Do you want to become part of it? You

WSP Bursary Opportunity 4

A bursary opportunity always be a good chance for any student with potential to gain assistance, so then, they can continue their education to build their own better future. Looking for one? WSP bursary opportunity is opened, already. In fact, the bursary opportunity that is schemed by WSP is

DLCA Graduate Internship Program 0

Giving potential applicants in South Africa more chance to win DLCA graduate internship program, DLCA offers some numbers graduate internship opportunities for qualified unemployed graduates to be more presentable once they complete the training program to achieve their future career. About the graduate internship, they are; financial management (BCom),

Available Sales Learnership with ABI 5

ABI or shorthanded from Amalgamated Beverage Industries is known for its excellent sale and promotional effort. The creative and fresh advertisements are too intriguing to be neglected. Additionally, the commitment to stay on the ethical way is always held for accommodating local people. As one of company responsibility, ABI