Petra Diamonds Learnership Program Mining Company 2020-2021

Diamond is a product of mineral that has its value in high price at the global market. Petra Diamonds Learnership from company named Petra Diamonds is a company that works in mining diamond in South Africa. This company is an independent mining group and this has been supplying gem with rough diamonds quality to the global market. This mining company has its focus on the greatest margin section of the pipeline of diamond. This company is working diamond mining started from the mining process, shorting and rough diamonds selling. This company is focusing in the territory of South Africa and Tanzania and it is of course a legal company that follow the regulation of South Africa environment.

Petra Diamonds is being a company that has its name of diamond products around the world. This is also handling the South Africa heritage where there are so many source of diamond in this area. As the time passing by, this company also growing better and bigger. This company now has been maintaining many mining location in South Africa and this is in an exploration programme in Botswana which is under review currently. As a huge company of diamond mining, this company is following the rules and regulation from the start of the mining process. For you who are searching for job in this company, here we are going to talk about Petra Diamonds Learnership Career that is currently needed.

About Petra Diamonds Company Culture

Petra Diamond has its dynamic company culture where the employees mostly are encouraged in order to get their potential in full. So, if you are able to joint with this company, you are welcome to build this world class diamond company. The first position in this company job vacancy is C & I Technician or Mechanician. This position is for Finsch Diamond Mine and it is located in the Lime Acres towh and this has position at 160 km of Kimberley and 109 km of Kuruman, Norter Cape. Just like the other position, this position will have qualifications and this has its process in some steps. If you are interesting to joint this company in being this position, you will get the steps of pre screening, profile testing, assessments, medical check up and security clearance. If you are selected, you can become this company family to build a world class diamond mining company. You can get the detail information from the official website of Petra Diamonds and you can send your CV through the email that be included.

How To Apply Petra Diamonds Learnership Opportunity

There is also position of Fixed Term Contract Mechanicians for Koffiefontein Mine. This is based in Koffiefontein town that located in 100 km from Kimberley and 136 km from Bloemfontein. This position has responsibility to do the jobs of mechanicians and you must qualified and experienced in mechanical terms. The steps of selection will be the same as the position that mentioned before. When you are qualified for this position, you will be invited to do some interview with the Human and Resource Department. More information about job, career and learnership: APPLY PETRA DIAMONDS

Bursaries also open for you who need this. Petra Diamonds is opening the Learnership in Engineering, mining, metallurgy and geology bursaries for Finsch Diamond Mine that located in Lime Acres town. This is offering the learnership of study for 2020, 2021 or 2022 at a tertiary institution. If you are a citizen of South Africa, you are offered by this bursaries. You can get the studies in next year. As a candidate, you must reside in the labor sending area in surrounding Kgatelopele.

Besides, Petra Diamonds also good for increasing the skills of South Africa citizens. This company is opening the internship programme. Under the HR departments, this company is handling the internships in various operations. If you are looking for the internship vacancies, you are able to access the information from the official website of this company.


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