PG Group Career Program

Latest PG Group Career program is now available for talented graduates who want to improve their skill that is inline with graduate internship that is offered. And the good part of it, the graduate internship program that is offered, it is for graduates with various degrees. There about seven graduate internship programs to choose, first, it is trainee auto glass fitter that is designed for graduate applicants with FET or TVET certificate. Second, qualified applicants from University of Technology, you can apply for trainee accountant. Third, trainee customer service consultant, this one is meant for successful applicants with FET or TVET certificate.

PG Group Career Program

Fourth, another PG Group Career program 2017, 2018 & 2019 is human resource intern that is available for qualified graduate from university of technology. Fifth, if you want to join trainee administrator, ensure that you hold FET or TVET certificate. Sixth, marketing graduate is graduate internship program from PG Glass for qualified applicants with diploma or degree majoring in communication or marketing. Sixth, the last graduate internship program that you can apply, it is operation graduate trainee for those qualified graduates with national diploma or bachelor degree specialized in logistics, management, business, and operation.

Apply Online PG Group Career

Applicants who hold the qualifications previously mentioned, the application for you is opened online, which means you have to apply via the official website after you follow instructions to apply PG Group Career program. Now, the application for the graduate internship should be submitted before the closing date of the graduate internship on August 23rd. Late application is never be considered, furthermore if you wrongly fill the information. Graduate internship program is an opportunity for graduates to sharpen both their theoretical and practical skill. This way, due to the completion of the graduate internship, they have better chance for employment opportunity to build their future career.

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