METRO Police Officer Learnership Internship Career

Are you interested to become a police officer learnership in South Africa? Becoming a police officer is a tough job. A police officer is a person in charge of fighting crime in the whole region of the country. There are several tasks that should be done by the police officer including do the prevention, combating, and investigation about the crime. Well, these are the most important task of becoming a police officer. Another task is maintaining the public order. They need to do the protection of the inhabitant of the Republic along with its property. Last but not least, the police officer needs to uphold and enforce the law. However, despite the tough tasks that are given for the police officer, it also provides a good career. There are several fields that belong to police office learnership career. The first one is monitoring the logistic stock. The police need to make sure that the logistic is safe and enough stock. The other fields are national evaluating service, career management, legal services, financial services, efficiency services, strategic management, information and system management, and communication as well as the liaison services.

Since the police officers work to investigate the crime, they also need to do the forensic services for identifying the corpse, fingerprint, and biological traces in the crime site. Moreover, to make sure that the number of credible police officers is enough, they also work in personnel services and training. They need to make sure that they have the power to combat the crime by having enough credible and eligible personnel of police officers.

How to become the police officer in South Africa

If you are interested to become a police officer in South Africa, you can get information about the job of a police officer learnership internship towards the advertisement. This advertisement contains the job description as a police officer. You can get some information about the police officer’s job in advertisement including the requirements and key performance of the specific filed that opens the job vacancy. You need to make sure that you are credible and can fulfill the requirements. It also shows the procedure for job recruitment. You need to follow each step in the recruitment process.

The important things that should be noticed by the applicants are the address of the requirement that can be sent and the closing dates of job recruitment. You need to make sure that you are not late in sending the document. And you have to know that you have sent it to the right address. Or else, if you want to join the police officer service but you don’t want to become a permanent member, you can apply for the reservist. It is divided into two types which are Category I as the functional policing and Category II as the Specialized Operational Support. Here are open recruitment at Buffalo City vacancy, this recruitment non only police officer but all vacancy at Buffalo City: APPLY BUFFALO CITY VACANCY

The requirement of becoming a reservist

Before applying the job vacancy of becoming a police officer learnership job, you have to make sure that you can fulfill all of the requirements. There are several requirements that should be prepared before becomes a police officer. The requirements are the application should be a South African by birth. It means that it is limited for the South African people that born inside the country. The range of the credible age is from 25 – 40 years old. You must have a good health condition.

This document should be proven by the register medicinal doctor. You need a good mentally, physically, and medically fit for the problem. Moreover, you need to have good character. You need to give your fingerprint and DNA sample. Well, there are more requirements that should be fulfilled by the applicant. You can check it on their website.


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