PPS Learnership Internship and Career South Africa

Do you ever hear about the PPS learnership career foundation? Well, the PPS foundation has been developed since 2016. The main concern of this foundation is to improve the knowledge and development in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). It also has a goal to contribute and help the development of South Africa. There are several programs that have been conducted by PPS Foundation such as supporting the financial, skills, and knowledge in the school so that they can go to study in tertiary education. They also give support to improve the skill so that the students can ready for job seeker life with their skill. This foundation also gives the preparation of the students so that they can be a professional that is ready for life.

The PPS Foundation also gives support in the form of tools and machines in order to help the students in their adaptation from the secondary to tertiary education or from tertiary education to the workplace. This foundation gives the students chances through their PPS learnership job programs. There are several programs that have been conducted by this foundation such as Bursary Program, University Support Program, Graduate Internship Development Program, Leap: Work Readiness Program, Professional Connect, Employee and Member Voluntarism. Those programs are created so that the students are ready for preparing themselves in the workplace.

The PPS Foundation also provides some information about the job hunting that can support PPS learnership opportunity. They post some of the job vacations that are related to their STEM programs. For example, the Group Finance position is located in Gauteng. There are several responsibilities and job descriptions regarding its position such as Projects, IFRS17 Implementation, Assisting the Chief Financial Controller, Super Sub and Group Finance Systems Administration. Well, in order to apply for this job, the applicant needs to hold a bachelor’s degree in Finance, Business Management, and Accounting. They may also have some soft skills such as experience, communication, computer literacy, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. Another example is Financial Planner in PPS Financial Department. The location of this job is between Cape Town and Durban The purpose of this job vacancy is to find the eligible candidate that will be responsible for the activity of the PPS financial solutions such as sourcing, retaining, and improving the membership and client base. If you want to see list PPS career in here: APPLY PPS

In order to apply for this job, the applicants need to have a driver’s license and vehicle. There are several formal qualifications that should be possessed by the applicants such as RE, Financial Tertiary Qualification, NQF 6, and successful completion of the supervisory process. The applicants who have the postgraduate diploma in Financial Planning and CFP are more advantageous. Another position is the Intermediate Java Developer. This position has some responsibilities and job descriptions such as developing and testing the new software, doing the integration of code, creating SQL statements by using Database administration and manipulation, and others. The formal requirements of this job are Oracle or Sun Certification and 3 years degree or diploma. They also require some soft skills qualifications such as strategic orientation, commercial acumen, computer literacy, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills.

In order to support the PPS learnership internship, the PPS Foundation also develops some products, especially in financial management. The products are risk insurance planning, saving and investment planning, estate and legacy planning, and tax planning. The PPS foundation also expands its products in investment management such as investing with PPS investment, investing with a specific goal, investing with tax-free, investing in supporting the retirement, managing the retirement income, and providing tools and resources in the investment field. Indeed, the PPS foundation truly skills the career of its students.


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