PPS Learnership Internship and Career

As it is hard for you to join the industry with zero understanding about how the industry works, graduate internship program will help its applicants to obtain any skill that they need to conquer the challenge of real work environment once they complete the internship program. PPS Learnership Internship and Career program is an internship program available for graduates with keen interest to develop their career in finance industry. This year PPS offers various graduate internship programs suitable applicants can win if they meet the requirements, nevertheless, what are they?

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If you want to successfully become part of PPS Learnership Internship and Career program, ensure that you can meet these follow competencies that include, (1) skill to work effectively with team or a team player, (2) assertive and flexibility, (3) capability to deal with various tasks, (4) good communication skill, (5) problem solver and creative, and (6) you can apply attention to detail attitude. Depend on what graduate internship program that you apply, it requires different qualification. Apply for Management Assistance, you have to posses BCom qualification in finance or its relevant degree. When it comes to Training Facilitator, then you have to provide BCom qualification in financial planning or its relevant degree. You can find here: http://www.professionalsconnect.co.za/joblisting.aspx

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You can also apply Project Officer at PPS Learnership Internship and Career. Even so, you have to obtain post BSs, Honours, or Degree qualification for project management, information technology, and computer science. And yes, there are several others graduate internship program to apply at PPS which you can check through PPS’ website. In addition for some graduate internship program, it is only available for certain area. For instance, if you want to apply graduate advisor, apart from you have to meet the qualifications, such as, BCom in financial planning, marketing, or its related field, the aforesaid is only available in Western Cape. Forward the application online right before the deadline of the graduate internship program on Closing Date.

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