PSG Learnership Program, Independent Financial Services

PSG learnership is an engineering internship program where its applicants will receive work-based experience for skill development through practical and theoretical training. In short, during a program that is lasted for 12 months, successful interns have opportunity to experience on-the-job training that meets financial services industry alongside continuous mentoring. Upon the completion of the internship, interns are expected able to minimize challenge they’ll meet once they step in the industry. The application for engineering graduate internship program from PSG is given to applicants who meet the internship minimum requirements.

PSG is one of the independent companies that work in South Africa. This company focuses on delivering financial services. It also provides the services about the delivering product to the customer and enterprises. The PSG company has three main focuses in its service which are PSG Wealth, PSG Management, and PSG Insurance. The PSG wealth t is mainly focused on offering the service for wealth management. The company will assist the client based on their needs. The different client such as individual, family, and business will have different needs on wealth management.

The PSG Management offers the management of the investment along with the description of the risk management. This PSG management is well known as the comprehensive company both in the local funds and international funds. The PSG insurance is focused to offer the insurance package for you and your business. The insurance provides short and long term insurance. It also provides many options for insurance and assists the client in doing claim. Based on this explanation above, it can be concluded that PSG learnership careers will be a great thing in the future. Yes, since the company works in a wide area, it needs good employees which can help to increase the career of the employee.

Looking for the job vacancy in PSG company

Since PSG company is a great company, it needs a number of employees in different positions. The job vacancies that may be offered are actuarial, administration, business analysis, bursary program, product development, corporate actions, quality control, trading, and transfer. Being a company that works in the financial service, they will need some job positions in the financial field such as finance, financial administration, financial operations, financial planning, and general administration. They may also need some positions that are related to the client such as a client-server and direct client. Since there are many options for job vacancies, people can apply to get the job. More information about job here: APPLY PSG

The process of recruitment in PSG Learnership Program

In the process of recruitment for the job vacancies in PSG learnership opportunity, there are some principals that have been applied by the company. The applicant should fulfill these principals if they want to be hired by the company. The first principle is that the client is the priority. The employee should be able to give a suggestion for the client all the time. The second principle is that the people in the company are the strength of the company. It means that there will be a reward, promotion, and progression for the employee based on their performance. The third one is that a company belongs to a team. It means that all of the responsibility and the good things should be taken by all people. The fourth principle is only the best product that will be provided for the clients. It is used to maintain the relationship between the company and the client’s family. The fifth one is the growth of the company is a must. The company needs to make innovation all the time.

The sixth one is the adaptation of the changes in the business climate. And the last one is that the company should be able to give some benefits to the people in South Africa. After all of the principals are fulfilled by the applicant, they can be eligible as the employee of the company. In addition, the company opens the learnership program for the graduates, mid-career professionals, and bursary and internship applications. It means that all of the people are welcomed to apply to this company. In the applying process, they will hold the principle that there will be no discrimination. They will focus on applicants confidentially, recognition of prior learning, and employment equity.


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