PSG Learnership Program

PSG learnership is an engineering internship program where its applicants will receive work-based experience for skill development through practical and theoretical training. In short, during a program that is lasted for 12 months, successful interns have opportunity to experience on-the-job training that meets financial services industry alongside continuous mentoring. Upon the completion of the internship, interns are expected able to minimize challenge they’ll meet once they step in the industry. The application for engineering graduate internship program from PSG is given to applicants who meet the internship minimum requirements.

The minimum requirements for PSG learnership 2017, 2018 & 2019 to meet, are; (1) citizenship of South Africans, (2) only applicants who hold qualification in mechatronics engineering, industrial engineering, electromechanical engineering, and electrical & computer engineering who can apply for the internship program, and (3) ensure that you are able to obtain minimum average 75% and above. Despite it is enough for applicants to only have minimum requirements to apply engineering internship program, the addition of positive personal attributes will increase the possibility for applicants to be accepted. See information in here

Simply say if you have these qualities that include; (1) attention to detail attitude, (2) ability to handle under pressure environment, (3) energetic and an effective team player, (4) presentable and ambitious to build you career within financial industry, and (5) solution oriented– it adds advantage for your application. Forward your application of PSG learnership program together with academic transcripts, identity document, and curriculum vitae to, or you can submit the abovementioned to, before the deadline of the application on November 9th . In addition the internship program is located in Cape Town, Johannesburg and will commence on January 1st. Therefore ensure that you are prepared to attend the engineering graduate internship seamlessly in case that you are considered as successful interns for the said internship available at PSG.

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