Re-Announced Vacancy MBSA Artisan Apprenticeship

Qualified graduates who are interested to join automobile industry, you need MBSA artisan apprenticeship program for the thorough knowledge that you will obtain. The apprenticeship falls in two parts, one, it is Motor Vehicle Systems. During the apprenticeship, you will perform diagnosis, maintenance, and repair. Two, it is Manufacturing Systems Plant & Equipment/Industrial. Similar with the firstly mentioned, the apprenticeship will about diagnosis, repair, and maintenance. Taking the chance to join artisan apprenticeship program from MBSA, consider the requirements before sending your application.

Artisan Learnership

Applying MBSA artisan apprenticeship program, you must hold SA citizenship alongside with; (1) Matric/Grade 12 with excellent result for physical science and maths together with relevant majors like mechanical technology, design electrical technology, engineering graphics and IT, (3) you can as well apply with N3 technical certificate with the addition grade 12 for language subject, and (4) either NCV level 4 certificate or Matric Level in pertinent field of study. The opportunity is also offered to students of academic high schools with the requirements above. Not to mention, but the chance is also opened for qualified applicants with disabilities as far as they can afford the requirements mentioned above.

Keep in mind, though you have no problem with the requirements, don’t put your hope high, since there are many other things as considerations to claim MBSA artisan apprenticeship program like your performance and so on. Prepare your contact details, curriculum letter, covering letter and other supportive documents that are written with font size 14. The format will be like, covering letter with the reference number of the artisan apprenticeship program that you choose, and be sure that you give the reason why you apply for the training program. Fax your application to 012 660 7031 before its closing date on May 9th 2016. In fact, this is a re-announced apprenticeship program, thence the chance is closed for those who previously apply.

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