Recent Sappi Artisan Learnership Program

Training artisan who look for chance to improve their skill, SAPPI artisan leaenership program is what to consider. And yes, within the program you will learn about anything that is necessary to assist  you understanding better about your function. First thing’s first, it is essential that you hold either trade qualification in N3 or grade 12 alongside with science and maths. Another competencies, so  then you successfully can apply for the bursary, they are; (1) capability of operating computer, (2) self initiator individual, (3) knowledge in process instrumentation, electrical, and mechanical, (3) have valid driver’s license (EB), and (4) familiar with electrical, mechanical, and process instrumentation in practical and theoretical territory.

SAPPI Artisan Learnership

With SAPPI artisan learnership you have responsibilities to; (1) give contribution in assisting both maintenance and repair the equipment, (2) attend the the training program completely and also its administration for the training program, (3) give assistance to artisans when requested, (4) make sure that any tools either workshop tools or personal tools always be in its best performance, so then it will be always ready for the inspection, (5) oblige and apply regulations and rules, (6) if you are asked to, then you need to gather all of the spares that are available at stores.

Apply Online for the SAPPI Artisan Learnership Programme

There are still other responsibilities you will perform once you become successful learners at SAPPI artisan leanership opportunity, which are, performing training and operate in either forklift truck or overhead crane. You better prepare all the qualifications and additional documents that maybe essential for the training program. Else, you can visit SAPPI official page to dig deeper more information, and also to apply online the learnership. The closing date of this learnership opportunity is on June 1st 2016, and keep on mind that there is no late application will be considered.

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