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If you are interested to get a job in the South Africa Brewing company, you can join ABInBev Company. This company has some branches in South Africa. One of them is the South African Breweries or SAB. This company has been founded in 1985. Nowadays, it has about 40 depots through South Africa. This company can produce about 3.1 billion liters of beer in a year. The SAB company is one of the biggest breweries company in South Africa. It offers several famous brands such as Castle Lager, Carling Black Label, Castle Lite, Hansa Pilsener, and others. The SAB also builds several sub-company such as Coleus Packaging (Pty) Ltd, The South African Breweries Hop Farms, and the South African Breweries Barley Farms. As the professional and greatest company, the SAB only provides the best quality company. Since the SAB company is a family of the AB InBev, the product quality of the SAB company is tested by using the standard of the AB InBev company. In order to make sure that the beers of SAB company are legal, the company also makes cooperation with the authorities. They also provide big opportunities in education so that they can make innovation in their products. Considering the scale of the SAB company, it can be seen that there are some possibilities to get a job in the SAB company and get high SAB learnership career.

If you want to get a job in the SAB company, you may need to follow their recruitment programs. The SAB company has provided several programs that can be joint by the job seeker to get a job in SAB company. The programs are graduates program, bursaries, CA training program, internship, and vacation work. Each program has its own regulations and participants. The graduate programs is a process to seek and develop people with talent in South Africa. The talented graduate students can join some development programs of the company so that they can be ready to work in the company. The training programs for the graduate is held about 18 – 24 months. During this time, they will get some lessons about technical skills and get adapted to the working environment. The successful graduate students can fill the position in the company.

The management training programs for graduates include some skill lessons such as the skill of market and business, marketing strategy, engineering, and information technology. The SAB company also provides bursaries programs for South African students. The students will get the financial support of the company. In addition, the students also get a chance to join the summer school and vacation work in order to learn the real life of the working place. The students who can maintain good academic performance and finish their studies can join the company through the graduate’s trainees program. It’s a good chance to reach high SAB learnership internship. You can apply in here: APPLY SAB CAREER

The CA training program is conducted to specifically develop the skill of the trainee related to financial management. The trainee will learn about the company’s works and scopes such as manufacturing, distribution, and sales. In addition, the trainee also learns about financial accounting such as tax, internal audit, and others. The trainees will get 3 years with the rotation systems to learn all of the management and finance in the company.

The internship program is available for the unemployed trainees. They will get a chance to get the experience of working in the company during their study. If they show good performance, they will get a chance to be a full-time worker in the SAB Company. The vacation work programs in only offered to the trainee who becomes a part of the bursary programs. You can join one of these programs to get the SAB learnership job.

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