SANDVIK Learnerships Careers: Engineering Opportunities

For those who are expert and interested in engineering, choosing SANDVIK learnership career can be the best option for you. Sandvik is a global and high-tech engineering company with approximately 43,000 workforces. This company has a great commitment to enhance clients’ safety, productivity, and profitability. The operations of this company are based on wide knowledge about close client cooperation and industrial procedures, and unusual skill in technology of materials. In addition, nonstop investments in development and research allows the company to achieve primary positions in several areas, such as special alloys, products for heating in industrial setting, and advanced stainless steels, tooling systems and equipment for metal cutting in industrial setting, and technical, services, and equipment solutions for construction and mining industries.

Sandvik Company runs operations in 3 business fields with high responsibility, focusing on sales, production, and research and development for the services and products. Those business area are listed below: Sandvik Materials Technology: Sandvik is the leading manufacturer in the world for special alloys and advanced stainless steels that is used by demanding industries. This company provides various products, such as items for industrial heating, tube, metal powder, pipe, and wire. Sandvik Machining Solution: this company is the primary manufacturer for tooling systems and tool specialized for advance metal cutting in industrial setting. The products are produced in various solid materials, such as special ceramics, cemented carbide, cubic boron nitrite, and diamond and Sandvik Rock and Mining Technology: Sandvik is the primary supplier for tools and equipment, technical and service solutions for construction and mining industries. The areas of application included demolition and breaking, rock drilling, quarrying, screening and crushing, tunneling, and hauling and loading.

There are also other operations that are situated outside the structure of business area and categorized as non-strategic businesses. Those are Sandvik Hyperion and Sandvik Process Systems. Sandvik Hyperion operates to supply super hard and hard materials, for example, industrial diamond and demented carbide powders and components. As for Sandvik Process Systems, this operations supplies industrial processing services and systems. For those of you who want to see LEARNERSHIP: Apply SANDVIK Learnership

Sandvik Company operates closely with their clients to be able to discuss the best possible way to solve the clients’ challenges by combining both experience and academic qualifications. This company also collaborate with universities and research centers around the world, contributing to both novel and improved technologies for elevated client value. The following list will describe the area of expertise in Sandvik Company to give you more ideas about which kind of SANDVIK vacancies that are more suitable for you.

Rock and Mining Technology: this expertise is specialized in technical service and solutions for construction and mining industries. The expertise in the areas such as about rock excavation and mining automation, rock cutting and rock drilling, underground hauling and loading, and screening and crushing is needed to be in this operation. Materials Technology: the areas of expertise that are needed for this operation are surface coating technologies (PVD and CVD), metallography and metallurgy, powder technologies, characterization and material design, electrical resistance heating, process simulation, and corrosion (high temperature and wet). Metal-cutting Technology: the area of expertise that are needed in this operation are digital machining, machining operation (such as drilling, turning, and milling), tool-hooding technologies, and cutting technologies.

Other than being an expert, Sandvik Company also offers other type of careers, such as becoming project manager, employee, and leader. The job areas that are offered by Sandvik include logistics and supply, communication, sales, engineering, research and development, safety, health, and environment, quality, finance, production, human resources, marketing, IT, and legal affairs.

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