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There are a lot of big companies in the world that offers promising careers in their companies. One of the promising one is SAPPI learnerships Internship career by Sappi Company. Sappi is a world-wide corporations that focused on supplying paper pulp, paper-based mixtures, and liquefying wood pulp to their indirect and direct clients throughout over 150 countries around the world. These includes in various applications, from packaging, healthcare, textiles, and graphic papers. This industry is currently in the era of unprecedented transformation and the company becomes the leading company in term of technological improvement. Sappi keep thriving to discover the actual potential of renewable and sustainable resources by investing a lot in research and development programs. This commitment signifies the possibilities of diversification in the products that are offered and also to meet upcoming demands in various fields, such as pharmaceuticals and bio-energy that currently emerges in this carbon-constrained era. Training artisan who look for chance to improve their skill, SAPPI artisan leaenership program is what to consider. And yes, within the program you will learn about anything that is necessary to assist  you understanding better about your function. First thing’s first, it is essential that you hold either trade qualification in N3 or grade 12 alongside with science and maths. Another competencies, so  then you successfully can apply for the bursary, they are; (1) capability of operating computer, (2) self initiator individual, (3) knowledge in process instrumentation, electrical, and mechanical, (3) have valid driver’s license (EB), and (4) familiar with electrical, mechanical, and process instrumentation in practical and theoretical territory.

With SAPPI learnerships opportunity you have responsibilities to; (1) give contribution in assisting both maintenance and repair the equipment, (2) attend the the training program completely and also its administration for the training program, (3) give assistance to artisans when requested, (4) make sure that any tools either workshop tools or personal tools always be in its best performance, so then it will be always ready for the inspection, (5) oblige and apply regulations and rules, (6) if you are asked to, then you need to gather all of the spares that are available at stores.

SAPPI Process Trainee – Woodyard

In 2016, Sappi reached their 80 years. Starting from a traditional paper and pulp company, Sappi have always been evolving to stay relevant in this swiftly changing world. Established on December 17th, 1936, Sappi was originally known as South African Pulp and Paper Industries. Soon, the name was abbreviated as ‘SA Pulp’ and later, it became widely renowned as Sappi. At first, the original hopes of this company is to produce paper from grass. This original hopes ignited the beginning of an intended evolution, a determined effort to steadily transform and adapt according to market conditions and finest practice to guarantee sustainable future. You can apply in here: APPLY SAPPI

Closing Date: 18 January 2021


Sappi learnerships internship owns manufacturing operations in 3 continents (4 mills in South Africa, 7 mills in Western Europe, and 3 mills in United States of America) and approximately 12,000 workforces in more than 20 countries around the world. These resources have produced around 1.3 million tons of liquefying wood pulp per year, 5.4 million tons of paper per year, and 2.3 million tons of paper pulp per year. Sappi has a target to become an expanded woodfiber company, aiming significant development in EBITDA by extending product collection with elevated margins. Some of the products that are manufactured by Sappi are listed below:

Forestry, DWP (Dissolving wood pulp): this product is usually used as the main material to create VSF or Viscose staple fiber for textiles and clothing. Sometimes, VSF is also used on pharmaceutical products, foodstuffs, and household products, Release papers and casting: this product is commonly used by the suppliers for household industries, fashion, automobile, and textile, Printing papers and Specialty papers and packaging: specialty papers play a huge role nowadays in the environmentally conscious era. The grades of specialty include tissue products, silicone base papers, paper for thermal printing, food grade and finest quality packaging paper.

The job areas that are offered in Sappi include supply chain, corporate affairs, logistics, manufacturing, strategy, engineering, legal, marketing, sales, finance, information technology, pulp and paper technology, research and development, forestry, human resources, and procurement. Some of the attributes that are needed to join SAPPI learnerships job are:

The sense owning and pride for the work, Professionalism, hard works, and passion, The courage to take well-thought risks in order to develop business’ value, Mutual ambitions with the company to become the standard in forestry, Have enquiring mind and great observation skills, Have entrepreneurial approaches to assignments, Versatility and practicality, Have a commitment, The ability to communicate with other laborers and foresters, Good coordination and physical fitness, Remarkable performance and the ability to motivate and encourage their co-workers to, The ability to accustom to staying in distant and isolated surroundings., Enjoying living in nature and Responsible, alert, and careful.


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