SAQA Graduate Internship Program

Qualified applicants have chance to join various graduate internship programs at SAQA graduate internship for thorough understanding toward particular major that they take. This way there is no need for them to be that worry about employment opportunity because of the work-based experience during the internship make them way more marketable. What graduate internship to apply? Depend upon the qualification the applicants have, the graduate internship opportunity to apply including, (1) knowledge management for graduates with degree in information or knowledge management, (2) supply chain management for graduates with degree specializing in supply chain management.

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The others, (3) Junior technician that is designed for graduates with degree for information technology, (4) human resource for those with degree for human resource management, (5) cash book for graduates who have qualification (degree) in finance or accounting, (6) evaluation of foreign qualifications for unemployed graduates with degree in public relations/marketing/communication, communications/information management, or social sciences/education. Especially for graduates internship program on point number six of SAQA graduate internship, the training program is separated in three categories based the qualification that are requested. Continue with the graduate internship, (7) the national learners record database where applicants should have degree in statistic, computer science and information management.

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There are still another SAQA graduate internship programs unemployed graduates with potential can apply, (8) office administrator for those with degree qualification in business administration, (9) research graduate intern for graduates with master’s degree qualification in education, (10) verifications project for those with degree in information management or its pertinent area, and the last one (11) marketing communication that is designed for unemployed graduates with degree qualification in public relations, marketing, or communication. Not to mention, the application for all of those mentioned graduate internships should be applied online before June 6th 2016 or it will be not considered. Successful applicants will obtain allowance R 6000.

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