SARB Learnership Internship Vacancy South African Reserve Bank

South African Reserve Bank or SARB is one of the biggest banks in the Republic of South Africa. This bank is a part of the central bank in this country. The SARB is built for several purposes such as reaching the price stability in the interest of balance. This bank also needs to maintain sustainable economic growth in South Africa. The SARB also has an important task to make sure the financial stability in South Africa. In order to achieve the purposes of SARB, this bank has several responsibilities regarding the financial condition of the Republic of South Africa. The responsibilities are to supervise the banking sector, manage the official gold, manage the foreign exchange reserves, issue the banknotes and coins, formulate and implement monetary policy, act as the banker to the government, make sure the effectiveness of national payment system, administer the control of remaining exchange and act as the lender of the exceptional circumstances. Regarding the wide scope of the SARB responsibilities, it can be seen that there are many possibilities to get the SARB learnership career. The SARB may need to hire many people in order to fill the position in their office. In addition, since SARB is located in several provinces, the chances to get a job there are bigger.

If you want to get the high SARB learnership internship, you can search for the available job vacancies on their website. You can search based on the position or the location. For example, the legal counsel position. This job position is under the jurisdiction of the Management Division Department. This job is available in Pretoria. The job description of the legal counsel is taking the responsibilities and rights in the process of reviewing, updating, drafting, researching, providing the interpretation to the legislative and authorities. They also may need to create the infrastructure for the insurance and financial market based on legislation and regulation.

Another job to get high SARB learnership vacancy is a Senior Risk Analyst. This job is under the jurisdiction of the Compliance Management Division. The professional area of this job is administration. Meanwhile, the location that needs the Senior Risk Analyst is Pretoria. There are several job descriptions of the Senior Risk Analysts such as assisting the client department of the SARB and its subgroups, implement the management framework, providing the administrative and technical supports for improving the management functions. Another job that can be applied by the job seeker is the Boardroom Services Assistant.

Chartered Accountant Training Programme

Another job vacancy is an Executive Personal Assistant. This job is under the jurisdiction of the Office of Deputy Governor. The professional area of the executive personal assistant is administration. The location of this job is in Pretoria. The executive personal assistant has several job descriptions such as providing administrative support, offering assistance to the Deputy Governor of the Executive Management Department. The type of job is full time. Therefore, you need to come and stay in the office during the workhours based on SARB’s regulation. You can apply job in here: APPLY SARB JOB

CLOSING DATE: 30 September 2020

This job is under the jurisdiction of the CSD – Facilities Management Training. The professional area of this job is about the cleaning, maintenance, and repair the room and its furniture and equipment. This job is located in Pretoria. There are several job descriptions of the Boardroom Services Assistant such as proving the best service of the hospitality, food, and beverage services in the SARB. Therefore, the staff needs to check the quality of food and beverage that will to the staff in the South African Reserve Bank. In addition, they need to provide hospitality services. The type of this job based on employment status is full time.

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