SAS Institute Internship Program

What is SAS institute internship program? Why should you apply the internship program? Internship program means you will get on-the-job training, so then, you have good insight about how the industry relevant to the internship, works. Internship program at SAS institute offers you more than just practical experience, but also soft skill training, and more. Due to the completion of the internship program, its successful interns will receive certification as Base SAS professional. Not to mention, during your internship program that will commence on February and will last for 12 months, interns have chance to function in SAS through real projects and so on. And yes, for that reason alone, the said internship program is worth a consideration.

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Talented applicants who look forward of becoming interns of SAS institute internship 2017, 2018 & 2019 program, here are the requirements that should be met; (1) when applying the internship program you should be 26 years old or below, (2) becomes SA citizen and hold valid South Africans identity document, (3) great sense of urgency and analytical skill, (4) sound communication skill, and (5) the internship program is prohibited for those applicants who have previous internship experience. Other qualification to apply the internship program at SAS institute, it covers, matric qualification and bachelor’s degree specialized in economics, risk, analytics, statistic, and computer science.

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Potential interns who intend to apply SAS institute internship program, they should have proper knowledge when it comes to Windows OS. Additional knowledge like Inux and Linux, it doubles their chance to win the internship program. Some personal attribute demonstrated by its prospective interns, such as, problem solving, team player, excellent interpersonal skill, reliability and flexibility, self-driven, and more, it caters good impact to be qualified as SAS institute interns. Now, you have to prepare graduates testimonials, qualifications, tertiary transcript and curriculum vitae. Forward the aforesaid to, before October 31st.

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