SAS Learnership Internship Career Opportunity Open

If you are looking for a great job, you may need to take the first step. Especially, when you just graduate from university, you need to adapt to the environment of the workplace that is so different than the university environment. In this case, you may need to work at a place that provides the best environment where you can work and improve yourself. One of the best places for developing your skills is SAS learnership career. This company is located in South Africa. There are several reasons why you need to choose SAS. They are a leader in analytics. They also provide meaningful work and get an award-winning culture. Their progress in increasing year by year. In addition, the SAS also has more than 500 customers with career advancement. In addition, their offices are not only in South Africa but also all around the world. They also create an energized environment that can help to support the employee for improving their skills.

The SAS also has several basic principles in operating their company such as respect for the diversity, get the data only for good things, have a trusted leadership, and follow the philanthropic initiatives.  In order to support the SAS learnership job development, there are several programs that have been conducted by the SAS such as SAS internship and SAS entry level-programs. The SAS internship is conducted to focus on the development of individual skills, adopting the culture, and sharing with the community. The internship will make a huge impact on the employee. Since they will get an unforgettable memory with the workplace, co-workers, and fellow interns.

It’s a great opportunity to learn many things about living in the workplace. There are several types of work that can be used as the type of work for internship programs such as technical, business, analytical, and corporate services. The second program is the entry-level programs. For the people who just join the SAS, they will get some training programs in order to help them with the adaptation process in the workplace. The SAS will provide the full-time employee and paid academy roles to cut the distance or gap between the academic life and the workplace in SAS. The training program is located in Cary and NC. They will give the students knowledge about technical skills and mental for adapting to the workplace. The SAS provides the three academy opportunities that are sales academy, customer advisory academy, and technical enablement academy. If you want to see list SAS job in here: APPLY SAS

There are several jobs that are provided by SAS learnership internship. For example, the Technical Support Account Manager. The location of the job is Johannesburg, South Africa. The main goal of this job is how to support the SAS customers in using the SAS software. This job has some responsibilities such as sending the up to date information to the client, do the role as the strategic advisor to SAS users, give the source of sales management, create and maintain the partnership with the SAS client, give the up to date information about the marketplace, and others.

This job requires some soft skills such as can work independently and as a part of a team, able to understand the client’s needs and change it to be a good strategy, interpersonal skills, have the ability in problem-solving, organizational, and decision making. The applicant also must have knowledge about SAS technology. Another example is the Proposal or Bid Manager. This position sometimes requires a fixed contract for about 1 year. Therefore, the employee needs to work there for 1 year. The contract can be expanded or changed to be a permanent contract.


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