SES Learnership Internship Career Opportunity South Africa

If you don’t know SES yet, SES is a well-known satellite operator in the world and also the first to offer measurable and differentiable GEO-MEO offerings on earth. SES has 50 more satellites in Geostationary Earth Orbit and 20 satellites in Medium Earth Orbit. In its focus, SES has priority on value added and end to end solutions that exist in two main types of businesses, namely SES Networks and SES Video. SES has the aim to connect, broadcast, telecommunications customers both companies and governments and also provide new things for human life in the world. As a worldwide company, this operator has its SES learnership career that are open for those people who want to join and explore more about their skills and capabilities in working with challenges. Facing the changing of the way people communicate and live today, this company is being the right way for you who are thirsty of experiences and more networks for your better future and successful career.

At SES, staff is an important role for the continuation of this business. All staff also have equal opportunities in a career in the world of communication technology. As a leader in satellite communication, SES wants workers who have the best capabilities in their fields. If you have special knowledge, at SES you can put your knowledge into practice by helping customers who are spread throughout the world who want to find the most appropriate solution in their business. The most representative reason to choose SES learnership internship as your starting point in your career comes from the ability of this company to take care of all employees who already have a world level.

SES has a team of employees in various corners of the earth and they are people who have high enthusiasm and high quality in working together with the aim of crossing the line and having a significant impact on change for the progress of the world. It’s always fun to join and work at SES where the company is always and does not stop expanding horizons into new markets, new technologies, and new business models. Therefore, SES is always looking for new talents who can work together to build and shape a better future. Joining SES also provides an opportunity to contribute in bridging the digital divide by connecting millions of people in Africa. You can apply job in here: APPLY SES

SES provides the possibility for people to stay connected when flying as high as 10 km in the sky as well as commercial aircraft. SES learnership opportunity also provides satellites with a wide area coverage of the world’s seas and oceans using dedicated mobility beams and this is being the challenge that this company loves to do the works. SES aims to provide a positive work environment and also have a good compensation package.

This can be seen from the company’s philosophy of work compensation, where the company continues to strive to be the leader in the market. This global harmony approach is in line with the work practices of the people of other world organizations. Then what are the benefits that we can get at SES as employees? You can get bonuses related to achieving individual and financial targets. You will also get health services where all employees in all locations will get it.

You also have the right annual leave to promote the balance between personal life and work life. You will get various health activities, secret assistance for welfare, healthy food but it all depends on the location you are placed to work. If you are interested to join this company, you are available to access SES official website to get more detail information about job vacancies and others.


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