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The SETA learnerships internships is a well-constructed learning program that include theoretical knowledge and work based experience that which are very helpful for learners to achieve their future career. In short the learnership that its potential applicants get from SETA consists theoretical training, on-the-job training, provide qualification that is necessary to win the career opportunity, and opportunity of occupation that is related to qualification. And speak of qualification, in the end of the learnership program, its learners will aim NQF qualification. That qualification is like a proof that the person who hold it, has advanced skill in certain discipline. Many may not know about this,  SETAs always collaborates with other party when it comes to learnersship opportunity rather than they design by themselves. In addition, SETA is more like facilitator for the implementation of the learnership itself. Mostly, they will look around experts for the training program, in another case they will take part in paying learners allowance. The benefits? If you are asking about the benefits of SETA learnership opportunity, you will find them plenty if you consider toward what is given through the learnership. Join learnership opportunity by SETA, it means you have easy access toward additional knowledge that is very essential for career opportunity. In addition, it is affordable compared to other way. Moreover, during the learnership opportunity, aside from providing its applicants with effective learning method, you have additional stipend which you can use to ease your accommodation while attending the learnership opportunity.

SETA Learnership career are presenting a combination of planned and adequate outcomes of learning with the defined purpose. They provide learners with applied a basis and competence for further learning. The learner entering a learnership will be expected working for the employer, accomplishment of tasks assigned under the supervision and support of a mentor. They have to attend courses with the provider and carry out project and other work allocated as part of the programme. They end up in a qualification registered on the National Qualification Framework. The graduate has to be ready at the end of the learnership. SETA Learnership Programmes is a programme of learning that combines experience in working with structured learning (theory and practice). It is one of the routes to a career and to help current employees to improve skills, they have recognized and evaluated existing skills and obtained the qualification. And it also helps people who are unemployed to find access to the world of work.


For the work experience that is obtained through the learnership, the chance for the job opportunity is higher. SETA Learnerships opportunity makes its learners have access for networking which means, more opportunity to aim the career that they prefer. Also, when the learnership is completed, learners will gain full qualification, which displays their excellent skill. Though the reason why many potential learners apply for the learnership to strengthen their ability in certain field, but sometimes, learnersip opportunity allows its learners to have another option for their future career. For those of you who want to see this JOB in here: APPLY SETA 

CLOSING DATE: 07 November 2020

As you figure out bunches benefits of becoming learners of SETA learnerships careers, here are some information related to the application. For starter, qualified learners need to send the application that is directed to SETA. Once the application is accepted, SETA will hand over the application to the employer. Keep in mind that the one who conducts the interview, shortlist, and other assessment are not SETA, but employer. In fact SETA is the one who registers the learnership to the authority which is the dept of higher education.

But guess what? Sending only the application without considering either minimum requirements or additional requirements, it will be useless. Be sure that you note and follow the requirements like the qualifications, the ages, and many others that are requested by learnership that is offered. When sending the application, you have to pay attention toward the deadline of the learnership, as well the way the application is delivered. The last yet not the least thing, check the additional documents if requested, since if you fail to provide the document properly, it will affect the application.


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