Sibanye Gold Learnership Program Stillwater South Africa

Sibanye Gold learnership invites talented candidates who are coming from local community and sending labor area, to fill the position that is offered. This learnership program is specially designed for suitable applicants who have keen interest toward mining engineering. South Africa is well known as one the producer in gold mining throughout the world. There is much gold mining in the entire region of the country. Do you have any plans to work in gold mining? Well, if you have any plan to work in gold mining, maybe you can apply to one of the largest gold mining companies in South Africa which are known as Sibanye Gold Mining. This company mainly focuses on the development of gold mining by pursuing the best offering in safety and product. Moreover, Sibanye Gold Learnership Careers is one of the best careers that you can achieve. You may need to know how the Sibanye gold mining works does. In this company, there are more than 90.000 people work. The people and companies are working together to improve gold mining with the highest technology. Moreover, they also try to improve the protection of the environment and try to reduce the side effect of gold mining towards the environment. As mentioned above that the career in the Sibanye Gold mining has a good prospect.

In this company, the employee that has good performance will be rewarded with the proper reward. Moreover, the company also provides a good environment for the employee such as the development of the skill of employee and opportunities offered. In addition, they also concern about the safety of the employee due to the high risk of working in gold mining. This company has a principle to provide diversity in the workplace. They will offer many works to the host people. Gender is also not a problem in this company. The women can work freely in this company as long as they have the capability for working in the gold mining company.

The management of people Sibanye Gold Learnership

As mentioned above that this gold mining company concern about the people that work in their company. Since they have more than 90.000 people with 13% of the employee are women, they need to make a program that can optimize the potential of people. To make a professional employee, the company makes a training program for the employee to improve their technique, skill, and safety aware. Therefore, they can work well in the company and make good environmental work.

The program is not only limited to the development of hard skills but also soft skills such as leadership which can open the opportunity for the new leader. This company also concern about the diversity aspect. They need to make a good corporation of 48% of the management team and 71% of core skill. They also recruit women employees in order to make gender equality. More information how to appy: Apply Sibanye Gold

Managing the wages and benefit as well as the labor’s rights

Before working in the gold mining company, many people think about the salary and accommodation that are provided by the company. In Sibanye gold learnership mining, they concern about the education and house of the employee. They provide education for the children of the company in the complex of employee’s houses. Moreover, the houses are affordable by the employee. So, it makes the employees work peacefully without stressing about their bill for the houses.

Moreover, some programs are also provided so that the employee can buy the house with the bond repayment system. If the employee doesn’t want to live in the houses, the company will give the monthly allowance for renting the house outside the complex. In addition, the company also aware of labor rights. The employee has a right to make a protest if the policy of the company does not match with their situation. The company also has some cooperation with the labor organization.

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