The Northen Cape Dept Of Development & Tourism Graduate Internship Programme

Two types training programmes that are offered by NC department of development and tourism, which are the training programme that is lasted for 12 months and experiential programme that is set for 18 months. The opportunity to participate graduate internship programme only for suitable applicants that have excellent insight toward; entrepreneurship, information technology, business development, business management, public management, project management, marketing management, human resource management, tourism, financial management, economics or statistic. Anyway, do you choose internship programme or experiential programme?

Dept of Tourism Learnerships

Apply graduate internship programme for 12 months, you better hold honours, diploma, degree, Btech or its relevant qualifications with the abovementioned field of study. On the contrary, those who have interest toward a 18 month experiential programme, they should have N6 qualification with the aforesaid major. Complete a Z83 form which is accessible from any public service department around you. In precise, the requirements include; (1) appropriate age, as your age should be around 18 to 35 years old, (2) South Africa citizens that reside in Northen Cape, (3) you have the qualification that is requested, and (4) sign internship/learnership agreement once you are chosen to be part of the training programme.

Z83 – Job Application Form

To succeed NC department of development and tourism graduate internship programme, provide additional document, such as; copy of your curriculum vitae together with certified copy of your qualifications. Submit your application to, Mr. O. Legae/Metlife Towers/ Private Bag X6108/Kimberly-8300. You have some questions toward the training programme, deliver your questions to the same person by dialing 053 839 4081. You have to wait until three months from its closing date which is on May 25th 2016, to know whether your application is successful or not, as correspondence only for shortlisted applicants, if you get one from the official, it means you have chance for the training progamme. In addition, both faxed or emailed application for the training programme will be not considered.

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