Thuthuka Bursary Scheme Opportunity

The opportunity for Thuthuka bursary scheme for 2019, 2020 and 2021 is dedicated to qualified chartered accountants. In the case that you are within students that aims to become chartered accountants, but in the same time you are in need of financial assistance, Thuthuka bursary can assist you. Unfortunately, the bursary that is schemed by Thuthuka is only for students that have capability to adhere Thuthuka bursary’s conditions, which are; (1) you are either colored or African, (2) posses South Africa citizenship, (3) you are a Grade 12 student that is expecting to pursue B comm.Accounting,(4) hold average 60% for maths, but not maths literacy, if you use the NSC Scale of Achievement, you need achieve minimum 5 or above.

Thutuka Bursary

The requirements are continued as you need as well to conduct; (6) NSFAS MEANS TEST to make certain that you really are students that come from destitute family, (7) pass with excellent National Benchmark Test, and (8) you are a recent Matric school graduate or no longer than 2 years. One more, in the way to ease your way to obtain Thuthuka bursary scheme, you have to enroll in these follows higher institutions; University of WITS, Rhode University, University of Johannesburg, University of Pretoria, University of the Free State, and many others.

Download Thutuka Bursary Application

Together with another necessary documents, when you intend to claim Thuthuka bursary scheme, remember to download the application form for the bursary. Anytime you are ready with anything that is needed for the bursary, post your application to legal address. Nevertheless, the deadline for the bursary is in end of month, and no lateness is considered. Finally, the bursary opportunity that designed by Thuthuka will cover your educational fees. Simply say, you no need to think about your educational expense to continue your higher education to pursue your future career as chartered accountants, but maintaining your excellent academic scores,


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