TIGER BRANDS Learnership Internship Vacancy South Africa

Tiger Brands is one of the biggest companies that focuses on the development of high-quality food and drink. It has been developed in South Africa for more than nine decades. There are many products that have been produced by the Tiger Company. There are several principles values of the Tiger Brands Company such as care and respect to each other, passion, excellence, safety, quality, diversity, inclusivity, integrity, and accountability. In order to maintain the good performance of the company, the development of the employee’s quality is important. The employees as the main source of the company’s performance should possess the high skill, discipline, good teamwork, and other skills. As a result, the performance of the company can be maintained. In addition, the employees are also given the possibility to improve their Tiger Brands learnership career through several programs. The company also provides several job vacancies that can be applied by the job seeker. The Tiger Brands Company only look for the applicants who pass the requirement and qualifications. They will conduct some selection process. After the employees are accepted, they will join some training programs in order to prepare the employees to work and adapt to the working place.

The Tiger Brands has prepared several programs that can be applied by the job seeker or the employees. The aims of these programs are to select the employees that have high potential and to prepare them for working in the company. The programs are including are management trainee program, bursaries, workplace experience, learner ships, and internship. The management trainee program is conducted for accelerating the development programs. It will be held for about 24 months. The participant who is eligible to join this program is Bachelor’s degree students who have and show the great potential and leadership in the company. The management trainee programs will mix some different disciplines into structured learning in order to bring the participant to know and understand how the managerial works.

There are several requirements that should be fulfilled by the applicants such as having a good academic record from the accredited institution, studying in 3 or 4-year tertiary qualification, and having a strong desire to be a trainee in the Tiger Brands. The trainee should not have work full time for more than 1 year and can operate the MS Office. In addition, the trainee also needs to have a valid driver’s license. There are several disciplines sector that is provided by the Management trainee such as engineering, human sources, corporate affairs, accounting, research and development, supply chain, customer, marketing and strategy. Management training is one of the ways to reach the Tiger Brands learnership internship. If you want to see list of Tiger Brands job, you can see in here: APPLY TIGER BRANDS

The Tiger Brands also contributes to the education of young people by providing bursary programs. If you are interested to join the bursary programs, you may need to prepare several programs such as a copy of valid identification card, matric certificate, proof of parents or guardians income, and the academic transcripts of the 1st semester of the 1st year of study. There are several required degrees that are acceptable in bursaries programs such as chemical, mechanical, electrical, electronic, and marketing.

The students who are eligible in the bursary programs will get some advantages such as free tuition fees, registration fees, exam fees, and accommodation fees. If the students show good performance, they are able to work in the Tiger Brands Company after graduation. It’s a good start for reaching the Tiger Brands learnership vacancy. Another program is the workplace experience. In this program, the students who are eligible can do work experience programs in the fixed time. They can get the full qualifications and able to register for management trainees.


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