TRP Graduates Internship For Law And Finance Administrations

Two graduates internship opportunities are designed for qualified Law and finance administrations  graduates through TRP graduate internship program. The graduate internship program is a 12 month training program that will be started from August 1st 2016 to August 31st 2017. Are you ready for the graduate internship by TRP? For all of potential graduates who apply for the internship, ensure that; (1) you are citizen of South African, (2) your around 18 to 35 years old, (3) have excellent academic record, and you need to add curriculum vitae when applying the graduate internship. Now, if you are law graduates’ applicants, first, you can apply for the internship if you hold degree either 3 year for BCom or 4 year for LLB, in addition, you should display passion to work with law company.

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Second, TRP graduate internship will give more chance toward part time students who hold LLM degree. Whilst for finance administrations graduates’ applicants, in order to win the graduate internship at TRP, you are only considered to apply for the graduates internship if you hold either accredited degree or national diploma in accounting or financial management. As well, be sure that you can prove the official of the graduate internship that you have capability to deal with under pressure work environment with limited supervision.

In assuming that you can meet the aforesaid requirements and qualifications for TRP graduate internship program that you apply, the application can be sent through email via;, alternately, you can as well fax the application to, 011 642 9284. Just for your information, TRP is located in Freestone Park/1st Floor/Block B/135 Patricia Road/ Atholl/Johannesburg/2198. The application for graduate internship at TRP will be closed on June 30th 2016. Sending your application later than the mentioned date, your application for the graduate internship will be not considered.

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