Unilever June-July Winter Graduate Internship Program

Opportunities for potential graduates to attain deeper insight for certain qualification that they have to join Unilever June-July winter graduate internship program for 2016 that is arranged by Unilever. Fortunately the options come in distinctive categories, thence it can entwine more young and talented generation to acquire the graduate internship program. To begin with, there is Supply Chain Management, apply for this, the requirements are; Bachelor Degree for Sciences, but if you hav BSC, BBS, BCom, BEng, and BSC degree’s it will advantage you.

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Unilever June-July winter graduate internship also offers qualified applicants to join Research and Development graduate internship which qualifications are; (1) Bachelor degree within Natural/Engineering/Applied Science, however, graduates with Chemical and Mechanical Engineering, BEng, BSc degree’s will obtain more benefit. Else, the chance also open for Human Resources and Managements, when it comes to this graduate internship program, any potential applicants from any disciplines are allowed to apply, but still those qualified graduates with BSocSc, BPsych, BBS, and BCom, their chances are wider. Financial Management, to win this graduate internship, confirm that you are able to Undergo CIMA program, BCom that is completed with Accounts 2 from undergraduate degree.

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Customer Development comes next, fort this graduate internship program, you need Bachelor degree in Commercial major, but it will be good if it is BSocSci, BBS, and BCom degree’s. And the last one for Unilever winter graduate internship program at Unilever is Marketing graduate intern where it is important for you to hold Bachelor Degree in BBS and BCom degrees, however, basically any discipline is welcomed. In addition, all of the applicants should have Matric with English and Maths qualifications, but ensure that it is not Maths Lit. Prepare any necessary documents in case it is needed before you apply online for each graduate internship program that you prefer.

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