Vodacom Learnership Internship Vacancies Programme 2021

Vodacom Learnership opportunity is great way to sharpen your qualification through a training program that is split in theoretical and practical training. Learnership experience opens more chance for suitable applicants to gain attention from their employer. Not to mention, but if you look for another learnership opportunity in telecommunication, Vodacom learnership internship vacancies programme is worth considering. The good thing about this learnership is that its availability that is spread around South Africa ,such as, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Polokwane, Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein, and more. Not to mention, the application graduate internship at Vodacom should be submitted online depend on the location of the learnership that you choose to apply. The application, you need to send them before is closing date on soon, in the case that you late to apply for the learnership, leanership application will be not considered.

What is Vodacom and Why We Want Apply This

Vodacom is a mobile communication company in South Africa and this company provides a variety of communication needs such as telephone, messaging, data and others. Until now, this company has been handling for about 55 million of customers in South Africa that operated in some countries in South Africa and in Tanzania such like Mozambique, Lesotho and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Founded since 1994 by Alan Knott-Craigh, this Company located in Hohannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa. This company still grown into a better condition until today. This company also has its some members of this company’s group that spread in South Africa and Tanzania. Vocadom Learnership Career are open for you who want to have a journey of a successful career. Of course, as a great company in South Africa, this company is opening the chance for young people of South Africa to be developed into a better persons or even being a leader. With the opportunity of telecommunication technology developing, you can still learn more and develop yourself into a successful person. Career path is very open in this company. All depends on your interest in living your own career. Joining this company also gives you the possibility to get a more decent life in the future.

How To Apply This Vodacom Learnership Opportunity

The benefit that you can get in joining this company is that you can have a career with the capabilities you have. Especially if you have knowledge about telecommunications, you can use your knowledge in developing and developing the South African region by using telecommunications. To pursue a career, of course this company is very open to you who have the passion to become a leader to be proud of for South Africa. So, for those of you who have the ability in the field of telecommunications, do not ever hesitate to join this company. Your ability will be seen by management and of course you must know the right position for yourself in this company.

Vodacom Early Careers Programmes 2021

Joining Vodacom is more than a job, what we do matters. We don’t just carry minutes, texts and data – we carry people’s lives. And that’s a huge responsibility. If you think for a minute about the people you rely on…the likelihood is they rely on us. Customers are at the heart of everything we do and we want to make a difference to the lives of our customers, and the communities in which we live and work. We support our people to give something back to the causes that mean the most to them through helping them give time and money to the charities they love.

And what’s it like to work here? We have created an environment where you can look forward to coming to work and are empowered to be at your best. We offer flexibility in how you work that helps you do your job in a way that suits you, opportunities to help you grow and progress throughout your career and a choice of benefits to suit your lifestyle. You can apply job in here: APPLY VODACOM JOB

CLOSING DATE: 31 August 2020

The other benefits of joining this company is the guarantee of a brand that is well known by most people who live in the South African and Tanzania regions. With this Vodacom brand, 55 million customers are an appropriate benchmark to make this company a bona fide company and also have the ability to survive even in a bad economic condition. You can see from this company share, total assets, total equity, net income and many more. Seen from this number of employees that reach about 7,500 persons in 2018, you are able to join this company to make South Africa better from telecommunications sector.

Vodacom also has sports sponsorship in the South African region.

Many sports teams have collaborated with Vodacom as a sponsorship partner. From this we can see that Vodacom has a great opportunity to remain a large company in the telecommunications sector, especially in South Africa. Vodacom has also launched a smartphone where in 2016 precisely on October 14, Vodacom launched the iPhone 7 in South Africa. At present, Vodacom has launched iPhone Xs and Xs Max since 2018 with prices around $ 1,650.

So, if you have the opportunity and intend to pursue a career at Vodacom, you better just immediately apply to work at this company. With healthy career competition, you can learn many things from this company. The most important thing is perseverance at work. Good behavior will also lead you to a higher career path. Don’t let your chance to be successful in your career be missed. If you want to joint this company and you are searching for the information, you can check the official website of Vodacom or you can check the job vacancy in the website.


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