Volkswagen VW Learnerships Careers 2020-2021

Volkswagen (VW) Learnership Career might be something that you have been looking for all this time. Obviously, if you are keen on automotive and VW happens to be your favorite brand, any job opportunities available with the company will be a golden ticket to success. Imagine your resume glistens with VW name gracing it. The Volkswagen Group is arguably one of the world’s biggest employers. There have been at least 627,000 employees registered. VW applies their own kind of human resources management that results in an approach to both the system and performance that has been largely successful. A number of different employer rankings rated VW as the top employer in 2016.

The group has a variety of job and career opportunities. These opportunities will cater to the needs of those who are still at young both in terms of age and career start. Those opportunities will also be a great thing for those who are professional with tried and tested experiences. In short, there is something for everyone. Trainee and professional development programs have been developed by brands and companies under the group. The dual vocational training could be a perfect example for this. As many as 19.490 apprentices have been employed by the VW Group, all of who participate in any one of the Group’s 50 dual vocational training programs or 60 apprenticeship programs.

We allowing employees to work with people from different backgrounds (including cultural one), it is expected by the Group that those employees can challenge themselves in a scale of international level as well as expanding their personal horizons. Companies under the Group’s brand also hold an exchange program among them so targeted employees can gain the opportunity to further develop their skills in an environment of international setting. The Group really accommodates those who are willing to gain and looking for a chance to have an international-scale of skill development.

Management of recruitment and training of new staff are taken care of directly by the brands and companies under the Group. The VW Group is constantly looking for those with dynamic passion and talents in every part of the globe. Obviously, good command in English is a must because you, if you are applying for a position with the Group, will have to deal with people from around the world. And English is the most global communication tool that is used pretty much everywhere today. If you have mastery in other languages, it will be a plus point, especially when you are positioned in a country whose official language you also master. If you want to see Learnership: Apply Volkswagen

VW Learnership Career is available right on their official website. All you have to do is just go on the website and head straight to the career section. You can look for any job offers that you feel suitable for your own set of skills. Click on the offer and review everything there is to know about the application. Do not forget to also check on the due date of the offer so you do not miss the opportunity. Recruitment process is simple and pretty straightforward. Application letter can be done online.

Complete your CV so the company knows where to look at when they are hiring. The application will be then selected. Preliminary selection is based on if your application meets the company’s formal requirement. Approved candidates will be contacted. Your application will be further assessed. The applications will be divided into two categories: Administration or Production Employees. Passing all the previous steps, you will be invited to an interview with a supervisor and a staff from HRD. If everything goes smoothly, you will be contacted and the company’s decision will be informed to you.


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