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A bursary opportunity always be a good chance for any student with potential to gain assistance, so then, they can continue their education to build their own better future. Looking for one? WSP bursary opportunity is opened, already. In fact, the bursary opportunity that is schemed by WSP is regularly offered per year for aspiring applicants. Speak of the applicants, the bursary opportunity is designed only for second year or above engineering students that are registered at accredited Universities that are spread around South Africa. If you don’t know about this before, the bursary that is given by successful applicants will be like vacation work.

Recent Bursaries

Through the vacation work from WSP bursary opportunity, you as the successful applicants for the bursary program will get thorough knowledge related your field of study, engineering. As for the result, you have your own arsenal to deal with any challenge to win the competition for employment opportunity. Now if you are interested to the bursary opportunity, you can directly go to the official page, then choose a typical vacancy of your preference. Before applying, you better familiarize yourself with the requirements and anything that are necessary to successfully win the vacancy.


The next time you decide the vacancy that fits to you, then hit “apply” button to start the application for WSP bursary opportunity. Within the application process, there will some instruction to follow, so then, ascertain that you pay a very close attention to it. Another thing that is very pivotal, sometimes, in the way to get the vacancy that you expect, the bursary program requires you to sign up for an account. But you know what? your hard work to prepare anything for the bursary opportunity will be so useless, if you abuse the deadline that is set for the bursary, thus, be sure to apply before October 31st in the year you apply for the bursary.

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